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ok,l,am in trouble

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by critter 11, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. l just invited some scumbag off the street into my home ,l gave him a drink and more pipes than he could handle and sent him on his way .Mrs critter is worried ,lol. l say no .what ya,all reckon????
  2. "scumbag" ; "from the street"



    i would noy invite him, home, i think, i(d just share a j with him and that's it.

    in my opinion one has to have been labled "friend" to enter my realm.
  3. Critter, I don't know if I would be worried or not.. You seem to be a good judge of character..

    Tell Angle69 not to worry so much.. All will be well!
  4. lol, it's my philosophy to help every stranger I possibly can--you never know when one's going to end up being a leprechaun
  5. did you show him, or did he see anything that would let him know that you grow?........maybe not so much for sticking you ion, but screwing your house!..........Peace out.........Sid
  6. No, you're cool, Critter. I might make sure the doors and windows stay locked for a while but I'd say that there's no reason for worry.

    I freaked out my family one year by bringing this old man off the street into the house on Thanksgiving. I had him shower and gave him some of my bro's clothes. He ate with us but was very timid at first. I finally brought him out of his shell and he had some cool stories to tell but his life was a hard one. Instead of taking him to the shelter, I met up with some friends and we got enough money together to set him up at a hotel for a week and I gave him more of my bro's clothes and personal items like shaving stuff and some money. He was crying and said thanks a thousand times but I just felt like he had a good soul and needed a little help. Even if he didn't take advantage of an opportunity to make a little change in his life, like trying to get a job, he at least had a week of comfy sleeping. (I will say that I caught hell from my family over that for a while and it comes up every single Thanksgiving in the form of a story.)

    You're a good guy, Critter. You did a good deed.
  7. I agree with Jilly Critter. You're a good man for doing that. And you're a good woman for doing what you did Jilly!

    I think people need to do things like this more often. I try to help people out whenever I can, you never know when the tables might be turned, and you're the one needing the help.
  8. good deeds return good karma, which never hurts your soul.

  9. Thats my theory :D
  10. I've caught hell for pickin' up hitch-hikers. A couple of them were old dudes. One was a younger guy I took home with me, got him high and took him to his brothers- about a half an hour away.
    I know I would want a ride if I was walkin'.
  11. Why in the hell would you invite a "scumbag" that you don;t even know into your house??? And then give him drinks and pot??? C'mon dude, what's with that?

  12. I catch hell for that too. Hell, they're walking, with bags or whatever...sometimes a dog. They need a ride. I have protection in my vehicle so I'm never too concerned unless I get a weird gut feeling but of course, that may be a knife giving me that weird gut feeling one day. LOL! I don't recommend that most people pick up hitchhikers. It's a good way to get killed. :D Maybe I've been lucky.

  13. kindheartedness.

    something the world needs a little more of.

    bottom line, and it is unfathomable how anyone under any circumstances could argue that.
  14. Big Pappa,

    I agree ...

    We need ALL the Good Karma we can get !!!!!!!!

    Peace Out !!

    I miss the days of my youth and Hitch Hiking,
    back in the 60's and 70's...

    Met a lot of real cool people,and the buzzes were GREAT !

    hmm, The Hitch Hikers Guide To the Galaxy !!

    Later All ......

  15. arhh,proberly cause l was drunk and its christmas :D
  16. I mean I'm fine with smoking out people I meet on my journeys but if you aren't comfortable with the fact that he came into your house you shouldn't have done it in the first place. You're probably fine.
  17. if he was drunk and toasted chances are he wont even remember how to get back there anyway..

    god knows ive been out visiting and forgotten where the hell i had gotten to by the morning...but always remembered i had a hell of a good

    god that sounds disgusting....

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