ok is it just me or theres no point to getting a roor.

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  1. There mad expensive, for what you actually get, and like tons of them are fake. ive never seen a real one. LHS's could careless and will sell you a piece of crap fake. and even if you get a real one, there not worth the money these days. theres better choices out there.
  2. It's just you.
  3. im just saying there overpriced purposely. and theres far better options these days. and theres so many fakes it almost not worth getting them, cause id be scared to get a fake.
  4. Lol no it isn't. Don't waste your money, get SG, Toro, Syn. Pretty much anything, Roor is no big deal.
  5. exactly thats what im saying.
  6. yea man ive only seen 1 fake it years of smoking. and for those of us that like a single chamber a roor isnt a bad choice imo.
  7. well all my LHS's are crap. i would guraentee if they did have a "roor" it would be fake. theres cheaper/better alternatives to single chamber straight tubes.
  8. If you're a Cheerios over Toastie-O's kinda guy, RooR might be for you.

    However, if the chunks of strawberry are too big in your jam and you have to take matters into your own hands, you might wanna look into some Luke Wilson.

    Thats my comparison and I'm stickin to it
  9. you say a roor is a waste of money but u say u like toros??? not sayin a toro is a waste of money id love to own my own but considering a roor is less than half the cost of a toro.....id say u get what u pay for in both.

  10. i read that like 4 times and i didnt understand it haha
  11. Roor makes a mean tube, and I own two pieces by them. I will add however that I believe they are the most overrated high end brand out there.
  12. your here to argue. thats all. I could care less what you think just like you could careless what anyone else thinks that may have a different opinion than you.

    Regardless of what you think, you have no right to tell people what they can and cant enjoy. Thats why I tell you, you are here to just argue.

    Enjoy your pointless thread.
  13. not just toro's these days theres so many companies out there and there charging less or around the same price as roor's and you get a better tube.
  14. It's preference, man.

    That's like saying "Mustangs are a waste of time, get a Jaguar."

    I happen to love my single-chamber RooR with an SSFG inline A/C. It hits better then any other bong my buddies have, and it just feels perfect for me.

    I'm aware that there is higher quality glass out there, bongs with percs, tree perks, etc etc.

    That doesn't necessarily make them "better."

    I'd much rather choose a standard bong with no perc, over a bong with a perc IMO.
    But again, that's just my preference.

  15. well i just see people post all the time there new "roor's" and they often are fake. so its ridiculous that like people get away with selling fakes. and the reason there so easy to fake is theres not much too them. the better tubes. SB, Toro, SYN, theres so many but they arent faked as much atleast but there better anyways.
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    So don't get one? Roor has never ventured much in to experimental/new tech when it comes to their designs...They're simple, classy, and well crafted. If crazy diffusion/experimental design is what you're looking for in a bong, obviously they won't suit your needs.

    People don't buy Roor glass because it's state of the art in terms of function - they buy it because it's simple, elegant, and expertly made. If you can't tell the difference in quality between a fake roor (or general no name glass) and a Roor you probably aren't buying glass for the right reasons anyway.

    Roor's not the God of glass by any means, but if you can't appreciate that they're well above no name glass, and on par in terms of craft with the other high end makers I don't know what else to tell you.
  17. im not saying roor's arent good for what they are but the price is simply outragious.
  18. I mean sure there are plenty of other companies with comparable tubes to roor that are less expensive. SYN is personally my go to company, im from NC too so gotta rep. Love their tubes, ive owned 3 now and cant get enough of them, new showercaps look amazing unfortunatly i havnt tried one yet
  19. Depends where you look.

    The term "expensive" differentiates between each individual.
  20. sorry lol I'm ripped. Basically like, RooR is a brand name, people are paying for the name (ex. Cheerios)

    However, if you want something that is tailored to your whims or needs, than get something custom like a Luke Wilson, you feel me?

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