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OK...I'm lost in this New World

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DrRichAZMD, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Never thought I'd be on a site like this, but I'm making a Shout-Out for help/guidance. I'm a 49 year old family practice physician with multiple areas of spinal cord degeneration (an indepth etiology)..and suffice to say, my pain is getting overwhelming and weary-making. All the opiods do is provoke sleep/cognitive impairment. One of my MS patients suggested "pot"....OK, I'm ready (although in AZ it's not decriminalized for any purpose).

    How does one obtain medicinal marijuana? Where, cost, what's the best way to ingest. Sorry, I don't even have any experience using MJ more than 2-3 times in college, and it was a LONG timeago....

    Anyone out there who can patiently direct me in the right direction? Privately even, might be better!

    Many Many thanks....I'm trying so hard to stay open minded. I just need relief!
  2. not sure where to find medicinal.
    healthiest way to ingest is with a vaporizer.
  3. Or edibles...

    As for legality...your going to have to either move to a state it's decriminalized in i.e. cali, or just buy illegally.
  4. well you would defidently qualify for legal use of weed if it was illegal. i appreciate your open mindedness. do you have any teenage kids? they might know were some weed is haha. i dont know, i cant think of specific directions on how to obtain marijuana. illegaly at least. i guess ask your friends at work if they can get some. if any of your friends smoke it then they should be able to get it for you.
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    you might also want to post this under medical mj A lot more people who have experience in this type of situation will be browsing there.

    This sticky may also be of some help

    Or this

    If you haven't already seen both of those. They're just stickys in the MMJ forum

    Hopefully We can help relieve your back problem..
  6. Cost for medical is anywhere from $50-70 for 3.5g. I'm afraid I don't know how to get medical, either. I live in Pennsylvania, and it's still illegal here.

    Here's a link that might be helpful.

    I'm really sorry to hear about the pain that you're in and I hope you can find some relief. Welcome to Grasscity.
  7. If medical marijuana is not legal in your state then your shit out of luck, the only way would be off a dealer illegaly.

    Although if it really is a life-style threatening injury you may want to think about moving to a state where it is legal.
  8. Alright well unless you're in a state that allows medicinal marijuana use, then you're going to be in some trouble. Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington are the states where some medicinal marijuana is "legal". Though you would have to go to your doctor, discuss the option with him, get a prescription, and he would direct you to your local dispensary. A dispensary is basically a store, where you show your ID, your perscription, and you can go in and select the type of weed that you want etc.

    If you're in a state that doesn't allow medicinal use, then your best bet is to ask someone you know who smokes regularly, or even some high school students in the town. I mean theres no clear cut way obviously, you might have to step outside your comfort zone and act midly sketchy. Its up to you, if you're not in a state that allows it than just say the word, and someone can fill you in on prices, weights, and lingo. Good luck though.
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    Alright, Dr. Rich,

    I'm not in the state of AZ so I can't give you any relevant information on the where and how, besides the fact that doing so would be against forum rules. That's a game you're going to have to figure out without much help from the internet, unfortunately. I'd suggest speaking to that MS patient again.

    If you're really a doctor, you definitely have an affinity for research and the capacity to store all that information. That being said, here are two resources (well, one resource, two pages) that may be very helpful to you:

    Edit: Good luck! I really wish it wasn't such an ordeal for you to find what you are looking for. Alas, this is the world we live in.
  10. first, you have to find a state that has medical marijuana laws. for you, i'd suggest california because if location. I'm pretty sure you have to be a resident but meh u can try to get a card. it's super easy, and you would most definately qualify.

    and it doesn't really dull pain, it makes you more or less forget about it. makes the pain not hurt, ya know?
  11. If you want ot do it legally you're gonna have to move to a state that has it decriminalized and get a card. Now illegally is another story. I live in Tucson, AZ and it has never really been hard to find weed, I mean, it EVERYWHERE. I've found that a lot of people that smoke/sell hang around at El Con mall. Dunno if you live in Tucson, but if you do maybe that will help you on your way.
  12. honestly, someone you know smokes marijuana still and you dont realize it.
    poke around with the idea to friends you are bound to find someone who can get it for you.

    marijuana might be considered illegal but if it worth it you my friend, go for it.
    if it helps you enough i would really consider moving to california, its not too far from you.
  13. You're gonna have to find a dealer, maybe a friend can help you out.

    Or move to Cali, but I doubt that's an option.

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