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  1. I think this is my first or second journal on here, if its my second, they plants died flat out lol

    my current setup is the same:
    ChilLed X-2 330w
    3 x 3 x 6 cool grows tent
    happy frog soil
    3gal cloth pots
    roots organic terp tea grow (also have bloom for flower)
    Grotek pro silica (0-0-4)
    this is what ive been using this grow so far.
    ill dig deep and see if I can find some pics from the start as where I am now is past week 7 from popping ground and on around day 52 id say.

    I believe the two left plants ( both a strain called Wilato) are male still nothing on the two right plants (both are Munson) which makes me believe they are female. I believe that because they haven't had the same "growths" come out where the sexy parts come out of. ok, now for some pics!!!:
    image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png
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  2. these were around when I transplanted and topped them: (edit, it seems a tad difficult to put them in order, but you get the gist of it, lol)

    image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png
  3. which brings us to today:

    as ive mentioned I believe the two left ones are males and the two right are females, I just need someones opinions who has had experience with males enough to confidently tell me, if they can. otherwise im tempted to thrown them into flower and see what I can get, I just want more room for those that I believe are female. I will try and post up those pics as to what makes me think they are male later today, but feel free to ask me about the grow, be gentle as this is my first grow that I didn't kill the seedlings with!!!
  4. Need closer pictures of the node areas. How do you know they are males? Make sure you know before throwing any out.
    Looks like a good grow I like the shelf for drainage. I'll be tuning in.
  5. thank you sir!!
    I am about to post photos as to why I think they are males!! but thats why I haven't gotten rid of anything yet, just to be sure. but mostly because they mature faster then females, the 2 left plants are showing signs, and the other 2 are just chillin.
    im thinking of getting another metal shelf for more room for the 3gal pots, it seems a tad crowded on there at the moment lol
  6. ok here are some examples of the 2 left plants and why I think they are male:
    image.png image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.png image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.png image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

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  7. In one picture you can clearly see the raised ball on the little stem. That's a boy the other ones looks to be a boy. But I would Let go a couple more days if you see a little white hair pop out of those then there females. Otherwise toss em.
  8. Have you flipped your lights yet?
  9. ne
    negative, they are still on an 18/6 schedule. I was trying to determine through pre sex before flipping, but I might have to just flower it out and see what happens. I just feel a tad cramped for 4 plants. next time I think ill do 2 gal pots.

    im thinking of creating a small sexing chamber that I can use cuttings to determine the sex of bigger plants and cut my times, just don't want to care for a plant for 6 months
    + only to find out its a male and not get anything from. I have a lot of regular photo seeds
  10. You don't have to veg for six months. I do what your doing I start with more and thin out as I go. But I never throw any out till after I have flipped the lights and am 100% positive that it's male. I would recommend just keeping it going the way you have it and once you flip the lights after a week or so you will be sure. I know it sucks to care for the males the same as the ladies this way but it works. And it's not too crowded just space em further apart. You could take a clipping from each, label it and stick it in a glass of water and keep it in the dark for 2 days then stick it under 12 hour lighting it'll show sex real fast. Way before it roots.
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  11. They look really healthy and good to go I would flower those beauties soon. Stick a trellis screen in your tent and scrog away. Is this bagseed?
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    I got a scrog pro I plan on using when I get it, seems better imho then just a standard trellis netting. negative they are not bagged. I got my seeds from Masonic Seed co. two left are "Wilato" an unknown clone crossed with Wilson! the two right ones are Munson crossed with Wilson.
    this is my first grow in 10+ years. ive been trying during this pandemic and killed a few seedlings so far lol but happy to have gotten where I am with the trial and error, just hoping they aren't all male :/
    ive also been training them the best I can with the space that I have, I really want to learn how to maximize the space that I have. also hope to upgrade my light soon, as its a modular design I can add another light bar and higher wattage driver for better spread and penetration
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  13. Glad you got the journal started up :thumbsup:

    now let’s hope we have some fems up in here :ladiegaga:
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  14. thanks growmie! fingers crossed I get some flowers out of the first successful run!!!

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  15. ok here's a little update from a week later, not much has changed, I made another little drain tray from an old container I had taking up space I put one of the 3 gal pots into so maybe a little room was made (?). They got fed 1tbsp + bubbled overnight, +silica (0-0-4) at 6.6ph on Wednesday and will get another watering tomorrow, I think it is a Recharge day, otherwise I might aim to just do it plain water ph'd to 6.4. I am trying to not overload individual feedings with stuff.
    still no dramatic (minimal or otherwise, lol) signs of showing what sex they are. did some minor defoliation this morning uncovering bud sites. also noticed W1 AND W2 are both yellowing up a little bit, with W1 showing signs of possible under watering maybe(has an under curl, and the only plant showing it, W1 was the most vigorous growing when seedling) but waiting for after this last feed to see if it corrects itself ( as a need for N). I might try a few ML of calmag next watering and see if that helps out also.*** I have not used or seems like I needed calmat before this.***
    W1/2 (Wilato 1 or 2)
    M1/2 (Munson 1 or 2)
    if anyone wants more/ closer pics of individual plant, ask away and ill take some!!!


    pic of closeup of branch from W1.
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  16. .....SlowLy but suRely
  17. oh yeah slowly but surely, it the k this little bit of cold we have is slowing things down. one looked droopy till today the temp got to hi 70's and perked up like had a cup of coffee lol
    \think ing of putting them into flower on the 20th, that would be exactly 10 weeks from popping above the soil. might take bit longer for the scrog pro, I have to measure out my tent and they might make rods for me, might take longer than id like though, I have to measure it out and see what they say. just excited to flip and see what I got
  18. my mistake im bad at numbers, on Feb 10th, it'll be 10 weeks from popping out of the soil. I plan on flipping them.

    So, its been decided, the two left plants (wilato) I thought are male I am going to clear out so I have more space for the other two plants. had a few seasoned growers take a look at them through pics and mention them being male
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  19. ok, so this weekend I plan on clearing out the two I think are males, as previously mentioned before.

    on a different note, I think I got my first white and fuzzy. granted its not spindly as most ive seen doing my readings online, but its in the right place (at a node, behind a pistil) and looks different then other growth on this plant, also does NOT look like the balls from the other plants:


    I need to find one of those digital microscopes, my eyes are starting to suck and my phone can take only as good photos as ive been doing, but I need better magnification. doesn't help my hands aren't too steady either.

    thoughts, opinions, constructive criticisms? cannot wait for these Munson x Wilsons to flowerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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  20. Looks female to me brother. Congrats

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