Ok if push comes to shove what are the going prices for the following:

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  1. Bros,

    Sorry to be blunt and hope this is ok... I have already posted about my situation of being without insurance all of a sudden and not knowing how Im going to get my meds next month... Just curious since the pharmacies are wanting an arm and a leg for my scripts to be filled what would the going rate on these same items be on the street... Not a lucky break price but an honest normal fair rate price to a local? Hope this is ok to ask as Im being pushed for answers and getting really worried...

    OC80's sometimes generics sometimes name brand just depends on whats available....

    Roxi 15's generic oxycodone 15mgs....

    Thanks again for all you guys do...

  2. they cost alot more on the street then from a script man everything on the street is more unless its cut with shit. just get the generics man
  3. Street prices are alot higher. You have to make a profit if your selling your pills, they damn sure ain't gonna be cheaper. they could be 2x 3x 4x 5x and up the price people pay at the pharmacy.
  4. fifty cents per mg on oxycodone.
  5. Depends on where you live but anywhere from $.50/mg to $1/mg, which would be $7-15 for the Roxis and $40-80 for the OCs.
  6. $40 is street price for OC80 (generic or OC/80, same price). and edit your last post, we cannot discuss dealing; and I don't want to see you get banned without some kind of help from us.
  7. yeah, the whole point of selling meds is to give them to people without prescriptions, so naturally it will hit your wallet much more.
  8. Dude where im from 80's go for about $40-50 a pill and roxy 30's go for about 20. i prefer to stick to the roxys, i like em better even tho they have tylenol in them.

  9. Roxi 30s, or Perc 30s, or any kind of 30mg oxycodone pill does not have Tylenol (APAP) in it. Don't post false information.
  10. Bro,

    Thanks I see that now lol... I guess I wasnt being too smart Im just really stressed... but many many thanks brotha....

  11. 40-60 bucks for an 80 (fish around with people and see what you can get some people to pay, you dont have to charge 40 for everyone. Some people buy them for 50 or 60 even, so you can do both depending on what people are willing to pay. Id say 45-50 bucks average).

    The roxis go for about 15 bucks.

  12. You can't "cut" pills newb.

    Anyways I think you are all giving him the benefit of the doubt. If i were you i'd EXPECT a dollar per mg. Some people will hook it up but I think its fair to say the usual price is a dollar a mg.
  13. damien, despite the fact that saying you can't cut pills is actually wrong, you only have 2 posts; you shouldn't be calling anybody a "newb"
  14. Doesn't mean he doesn't know what hes talking about lol. Posts /=/ intelligence.
  15. Lucky to anyone who gets 80's for 40.

    They go for $70 a piece here :mad:
  16. It depends on your area.
    Here, oxy 80's go for $35. Roxy 15's are $15.
    And I don't even have hookups that will give me a good deal. Those are just street prices.
    But like everyone said, it's gonna be a lot cheaper to just get your scripts. Buying on the street is a ripoff.

  17. lol. Posts do not represent intelligence, you idiot. Do you know how to cut a prescription pill? Have you ever heard of anyone doing that? Didn't think so.

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