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ok i was just wondering

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by district_this, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. i was wondering if there is a way 2 get unhigh because i almost got in bug shit wheni went to play wit retarded children a little high (u know how those little kids can be so funny not high)
  2. dont smoke weed?
  3. LOL ahahaha thats funny shit. no dont know a way to get unstoned besides eating and going for a run will make you come down faster.
  4. Ok well it's a long story y i have 2 play with mentaly challenged kids (is that better) well 2 make it short i got busted and i have like a zillion communaty service hours and well i 4got i had 2 do it and i just smoked a joint and well i was pretty messed up and i was tryin so hard not 2 laught but well u know so i was wondering if there is a way to get unhigh when your already high
  5. aahh man, that is sooo uncool. how can u say ur not being insensitive? u took advantage of this guy in a situation u created. so not right.
  6. hahaha im lmao
  7. how did he deserve it?
  8. him being bigger than u doesn't make it any better at all.

    i don't mean to rag on you, i just hate to see things like that happen when there is no reason for it. what was ur reasoning on doing this? what was the purpose? idk, it just makes me sad to think of how u made that other guy feel.
  9. when i was younger in like elementary id make fun of them, but not to their face. id just laguh as id walk by, and they were so out of it they wouldnt notice

    but now i always treat them nice, and and when i see someone fuckin with one of them in school i tell them to stfu and grow up

  10. aww, that's good![​IMG]
  11. I can't stand to be mean to retarded people (look, that's what I'm gonna call 'em, ok?) or to see anyone else be mean to them. Even though this sounds really stupid, it just breaks my heart to watch retarded people get picked on. They didn't choose to be retarded, so why are you making fun of them? Do you think it's funny for them? Do you think it's funny for their families? FUCK NO. I've never picked on or made fun of a retarded person, and I've beat the living shit out of someone who did (and I'm usually not a violent person.)
    It really is beyond my comprehension why anyone could stand to make fun of retarded people.

    But I'm getting off topic.

    For dealing w/ the retarded kids, either don't smoke, or smoke and laugh your head off! Get down on the floor, do the things they want to do, and just be a kid for a while! They'll love having someone who's not acting like the "uncool adult" playing with them. You have to be there, so make the experience as great for all of you as possible!


  12. That is te funniest shit i have read ina long time.

    At my old school, we had some retards whos someitmes ate lunch at the same time we did. One day were in the cafe and we sat like 1 table away, and it fucking reeks of shit the whole time were sitting there. Turns out one of them shat his pants and the fucking thing rolled under one of my friends seats lmao. Kid had a huge as skid mark on him too. God that was disgusting. lol

    Oh yeah, and about making the big dude feel bad, if hes going around hugging people he does deserve some embarrasment himself.
    Some people get real fucking embarrased when people do obnoxious shit to them, even if they dont realize theyre being an asshole. Some peole dont want your big ass hugging them, so dont go around hugging them. Id be hella pissed and embarrased if some large dumbass came up and hugged me. Im not homophobic or anything, but if i dont know you/like you, dont fucking touch me.
  13. I love it when someone makes fun of someone who is not right in the head. You know why?? Because I kick the shit out of them. :)

  14. Looks like we found the retard then.
    I would just love the opportunity to beat you and the asshole complaining about getting caught to an absolute pulp.

    I live by a couple of self imposed rules
    1 Do the crime do the time (if you're dumb enough to get caught)
    2 A big man protects those weaker than himself he doesn't pick on them.

    I guess your'e both pretty young and immature so remember this, oneday someone might decide to kick you when you're already down what you gonna do then???
  15. You're a real tough guy huh?
    What you did was target someone you knew you could beat because basically you are chicken shit and you probably wanted to impress your mates by showing them how macho you are.
    Tough guys don't impress me, smart guys do.
    One day you'll pick on the wrong guy and end up in deep shit, here's hoping.
  16. for a forum devoted to mj, theres sure are alot of arguements n fights (about stupid shit too)
  17. ??? making fun of retards eh.

    sounds like a blast...

    good work guys.
  18. you guys jacked this thread like crazy. to sum it up: no, there's no way to get unhigh. there's such a thing as buzzkill, but that's never a good thing

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