ok I totally freaked out

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  1. So, It wwas Friday and my father picked me up and we where gonna chill down at his place. So we're in his car driving on a back road and its getting dark, next thing I know we come around a corner and I start feeling as if I'm dying or not existing, spacing out from reality, my vision starts going to shit and my feeling is almost gone, everything is fading away and I can't grasp onto it. so i'm trying to stay calm and not freak out, im sitting here ready to pass out and have no idea why, it goes away about a minute later and starts again not too long later but for a shorter time. I didn't bring it up to anybody......... does anyone know what the fuck happened to me? I havn't done any drugs or anything in about 3 weeks, not sure what it was.

    Could it be of my body not of got enough oxygen for some reason, or my blood pressure or heart rate slow down? man, I am a little freaked out now hoping it doesn't happen again.
  2. heart attack
  3. I am no doctor, and that is why I will tell you that the amount of situations, disease, etc... that can make you feel that way is probably too numerous to be resumed in one GC Forum post.

    I would talk to your dad about it... You never know, maybe it runs in the family.

  4. drink more water?

    sounds like you got really dehydrated,

    or perhaps your blood sugar was dangerously low

    idk hard to say from what you told us i second the doctor appointment
  5. It could be I was dehydrated, not too sure if it was blood sugar as I ate McDonalds 30 minutes before.. I know thats bad lol

    i'll give him a call tonight and ask and maybe my doctor and grab an appointment. =/
  6. If you know for a fact it's not from doing something bad, there's no reason not to tell someone and find out what's going down with your body
  7. came close to passing out, prolly something internal with your biology
  8. yah eat (low blood sugar) a snickers, or drink some liquid.

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