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Ok i think i screwed up

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ghostface18, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I was trying to make marijuana butter, so i cooked some butter for about 5 minutes then threw in my marijuana in very small chunks and let it seep into the watery butter residue for 10 minutes. I spilled all the liquid(and little chunks of marijuana) into a tuppaware container and sealed it with ceran wrap. It is almost completely black so im assuming i fucked something up and burned it. the question is that will it get me high still? Also taste is not an issue ill just split it between 4 slices of toast each with alot of normal butter on them and ill barely taste the stuff. Thanks?
  2. itll get you high. ive burned oil and butter several times, still cooked it and it gets you high. dont worry bro, it takes practice.
  3. It sounds like you burnt it, but still try it alteast, it still might work.

    Next time, add a bunch of water to the pan, and then add your weed plus the amount of butter you need. This way you are just boiling your weed with the butter and water, and you won't burn it. You can let it cook from 30mins - 5 hrs + and it won't ever burn, unless you run out of water.

    Then freeze it in something, and the butter will all float to the top and just use that once its frozen. OH yeah, strain the weed/stems out before you freeze it.

    And I hope it works for you. :eek:
  4. I dont know if I'd say that you will "barely taste the stuff", I guarentee you that its gonna taste like shit, especially if you're covering the toast with a bunch of regular butter as well. Just choke it down somehow and next time make it like the poster above said.
  5. When you do it your suppose to simmer the butter in a double boiler for at least 45 min, then strain ur shit.

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