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ok, I know there are a million threads about this, but

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. I've been dry for a week now and it's been the longest i've been without ganja for a while . . . I was fine until today when I finally got annoyed for the first time in six months, like to the point where I can honestly say I had a bad day. Amazing though, when I think about how long it's been since my attitude has been this negative. Sigh, guess I'll just have to wait til my dealer reups himself so that I can make another purchase.

    big sigh.
  2. i use to hate breaks, but now i dont mind them actually.

    after the first day or two, you should be fine.

    wait a week, buy a new sack, and get fucking blazed.
  3. Yeah bro, it'll be worth it when you pick up another bag and you are RIPPED.
  4. lol, danwasbored, I already said I was dry for a week! ah well. anyway, I'm hoping I get a call from my standard dealer, who is also a really good friend. I already forwarded him the 20 for some low mids, but I know he's good, it's just that since he's a stoner he waits till he's dry too, and he always buys a little bit more than me no matter what, so it takes him a while to go through the rest of his stash b4 he reups meanwhile I'm on a super short break, but it's never taken him a full on week to reup, so I'm kinda on edge.

    usually when I take a break I'm not on edge, but since it's been a while since i've taken a break this long (which sounds funny since it really was only one week) I'm starting to remember what hate feels like, like real hate, not annoyed stoner hate. sigh, this is why I do pot, as a sort of anger management. It's weird, but whatever, I'll reup soon I'm hoping. If not, time to hook up with a less available chronic dealer that I've known for a while, but only bought off of once since he doesn't deal regularly and is more of an occasional user rather than a regular.

    lol, speaking of which, does anger management constitute legitimate reasoning behind obtaining a medical marijuana card?
  5. haha, dude, that would be sweet if you could get a medical card for that...

    if the whole world toked up, i doubt there would be any war.

    "hmmm... maybe we should go to war..."

    *smokes a bowl*

    "hmmm... maybe we should go to taco bell.."
  6. AHAHAHAHA, yes!!! :) you just made my day a touch better.
  7. well I picked up a fat sack of high mids today. the high is fifty fifty couchlock head high which is super nice and pronounced. There's barely any seeds but it is compressed and only a little chrystally, but it still is very nice. I'll see if I can't post pics later but I have to warn in advance that my camera isn't high qual, so I can't get in that close. Ah well.

    Btw, I also will be making hash with some of it.
  8. hey dude. That belongs in a sig :D

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