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Ok I just totally invented the best smoothie for athletes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SwissChris, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. OK so I have serious munchies right now and NO food in the I am looking arround and I find some milk and my 100% Weigh protein powder chocolate im like ok ill make a protein shake. But then I get the mixer out and add milk, chocolate protein powder, a banana and vanilla icecream and some crushed ice....its the sickest smoothie ever!!

    so here again:

    8oz milk
    1 serving ON's 100% Whey Protein Chocolate
    1 Banana
    2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
    1 scoop of some crushed ice

    Stick in blender and serve imidiatly....


    also maybe add some peanut butter!

    PS: just tried peanut butter..AWSOME
  2. I don't have any protein stuff, could I just use like, Nestle's Quik or Hershey's syrup or something?

    Not that it really matters, chances are I don't have the motivation to make this in the first place.
  3. Yeah that might work too...but you wont be getting over 23 grams of whey protein :D
  4. Whey is just a gimic, You just wasting your money by buying it. It's just the biproduct of milk or cheese i cant remember which.. but its pointless
  5. not really gimic...if your working out your body needs more protein than the average joe and shakes allow you to get the amount of proteins and carbs you want without getting much fat...I've used various protein products, manly Nitro-Tech by muscletech which I personally like a lot but it has so much added crap that I switched to ON's 100% Whey protein supplements and they taste a lot better than nitro-tech and it has a good blend of whey protein concentrate, isolates and all that other good stuff
  6. i got tons of of that whey protein crap what for? i have no idear
  7. I do enjoy milkshakes. I'm just not willing to go out and buy special proteinated products. I get plenty of protein, I just eat more.
  8. yeah im sure you can just use normal chocolate powder or whatever...but I happened to have some ON's in the house and this way I got an entire meal in one shake

  9. it works dude... if you dont eat protein when you work out your body literally eats itself
  10. drinking your protein doesn't allow your body to absorb it as efficiently, however. i suggest eating tofu if what you want is lots of protein without all the fat.
  11. I love the whey protien, its a by-product of milk and is used in making cheese. My uncle used to work at a cheese factory and got my a 50 lb bag of whey protien for free, the only problem with it was that it was way to grainy and tasted like ass. It was so hard to drink, but the regular whey protien is so exspensive. But your drink sounds more like a milkshake than a protien drink, still sounds yummy.

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