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  1. What is considered the "first true leaves", and when does the vegitation stage start? I would appreciate the help very much.
  2. Vegging starts when you start growing. It's the process of the plants growing branches and leaves before making flowers. A leaf is a leaf, is a leaf, is a leaf.

    Go to youtube or google and type those questions in. You will be more apt to get answers that way. Those questions are for extreme beginners and would be answered within minutes of you peeking at a grow bible, or watching a grow video from youtube.
  3. That is actually a very good question.. Now hopefully your a little more a studied past that stage of growth.. because always better to learn than to start.. But to answer your question I believe the first true leaf are the first two after the cotyledon(could be the next set that has generally three or the next that generally has three or five... but think it is the first two single leaves) but this does IN NO WAY (JUDAS)!!!! mean that you are in the vegetative stage. you are still dealing with a seedling... up untill the small plant is transplanted into a larger container with all of its true leaves and a nutrient regimin(usually at about week one or two) is it finally in vegetative stage..

    You should do as much research as possible before asking what some might think is an obvious question.. but look at this rude guy that didnt want your question because it was stupid only to find out he was wrong with the answer... So please feel free to ask all the questions you need... I ask them every day and ive been doing this for years
  4. Yeah well I have studied almost about everything and this isnt my first grow my first turned out to be a male, and I am growing indoors, I will be fine with the rest of the stuff thiss was just sumthing that I couldnt seem to find a straight answer, now I am and having a littling problem and went to check on my plants this morning and well this is the fourth day since i germed and but them in the ground and well they popped out but the didnt open up the have droped the seed I went to help one open up and you can already see the truee set of leaves what is happening I have fine and there all the same way.
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    One word dude......proofread.

    Be patient with your plants. Try spraying then next time with a mist bottle before tearing, or "helping" anything off. Sometimes a layer of film type stuff sticks to the seedling after the shell comes off.

    It's fine to have leaves when your sprouts open up. Mine have them the majority of the time.

    Phish....ur a tool. Veg is everything up till flowering. I nominate you for the worlds bigger douche award.
  6. As to "helping" your new plants, follow Judas' advice and don't do anything yet, give them some time. As for veg starting...

    Actually, there's no consensus on when the veg stage "officially" starts. There are a lot of people who say that it starts when the 3rd true leaf set opens (that's the first three pairs of leaves that have the recognized shape of a pot leaf, rather than the round cotelydon, to the OP). There are also people who say anything after it pops out of the soil is the beginning of the veg stage. I personally belong to the 3rd true leaf set school, but that's just based on my experience with timing until sexual maturity, about a month after the 3rd leaf set's open.

    Just because you subscribe to a particular view doesn't mean that it's the universally correct one, and quick leaps to hotheadedness make the City a more difficult place for new growers. Bad form.
  7. Dude, if the plant is growing and not producing flowers....it's vegging
  8. By that logic it's vegging when the taproot starts coming out of the seed. The reason that there's not a consensus (that I've seen, I certainly could be mistaken) is because an arbitrary line is drawn to help growers differentiate between important stages in a plant's life. Some people claim to have more success using mild lights right after sprouting and then switching to more intense light later, and the number of true leaf sets is how they decide when to make the change. Yes, it's an arbitrary distinction, but that doesn't mean that it can't be a useful one.
  9. Sorry, I just don't see a need for disecting it that much. You germ the seed, it sprouts and starts vegging. As far as light goes.....if they can take the sun from the start, then they can take HPS or metal halide.
  10. I didn't call you what I felt Rudascanna.. so careful with your words..(My dad owns this site and I could have you banned...) LOL

    dude I didn't talk shit but thanks for yours.. stinky mothaf***

    This discussion is obviously open to debate that is why I answered the way I did.. Dont discourage people from asking.. especially when your wrong...

    The seed also goes through a process after sprouting that is still feeding the plant and working on a tap root tooo root system. almost like eating from energy stored from the mothers time(this is still a seedling...)
  11. Thank you phish I kinda thought Judas was kinda rude, I would understand if I posted this question in a differnt section of the forum but i did ask in in the absolute beginners section, but hey its not my place to judge. If you dont want to be answering stupid questions then dont reply anything to them, you dont have to be a dick about shit.
  12. It's nothing against you Honda dude, I just believe sometimes people don't try to find answers or use their brains at all, they would rather have answers and logic fed to them.

    Phish, what can I say, I'm deeply sorry that I hurt your feelings. But if your daddy owns this site, I'm sure he can afford to go get you some icecream to make you feel better.
  13. As soon as the seed sprouts it is in vegetative growth until the flowers appear. Illogical and pointless to try to argue anything else.
  14. During the first few weeks of life, the marijuana plant is in the seedling stage. After it has put down a solid root system, the plant enters the vegetative phase of its life. This is the time when the plant grows faster than at any other stage. Keep an eye on the plants and make sure they get enough water and nutrients.

    no need to argue guys:)

    germination stage
    seedling stage-yes!.........
    vegetative stage
    pre-flower stage
    flowering stage

    no arguements needed....................FACT;)

    now im outta here, peace...................:smoke:
  15. Call it a seedling stage if you want, and I can´t think why you would want to, other than to be argumentative, but it is growing VEGETATIVELY - putting down roots, growing leaves, that is vegetative growth. FACT.

  16. Disagree, I find my ladies grow fastest when I have determined their sex and repotted them into their final, large containers. As the roots grow into the fresh compost the growth rate is amazing, real turbo grow, much faster than at any other stage in their lives, and way faster than when they are first sprouted.
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    Yeah really guys, what the hell. I personally see it like Judas and cantharis, but if you wanna break it down into seedling and preflower n such then go right ahead, no need to get hostile. This is crazier than light cycle debates!

    Racinghondas, maybe if you could put your questions in a context, like explain why you want to know when veg starts, we could give you a better answer, and no one would be gettin frazzled...
  18. Kamel, you are right, I will go to another thread and do something more useful than argue semantics.
  19. Alright back from lake Tahoe, and I had a second to read. So I have looked into this on a deeper level than just cannabis. If you guys think just cause you walk into a hydro shop and such book whatever and because you hear the word Veg and Bloom stage all the time.(By the way these guys commercially work in the field we do and cater too our species of plant. Most plants are completely different..) AWsome Then stick with that through your two stages of growth if that works for you...

    Some of us are dealing with this plant on a more advanced level and need to know to the day what point it is for everything as far as nutrition and all other care.. Think of farmers in the commercial field of say most fruit.. would these basic thoughts, of points in a plants life benefit them???

    Oh RUDASSS that Ice cream was amazing thanks for lettin my dad know.. but he said dont call again he's happy with his wife.
  20. You sprout, you grow, you water and fert. You harvest, dry, cure and ENJOY. So what is this MORE ADVANCED LEVEL ?????? Define please.

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