OK he's dead....congrats?

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  1. driving to school yesterday i saw a large group of flag wavers and it kindof blew my mind

    backup to sunday, when i first heard the news my reaction was something like: "OK". maybe its just not clear to me why this is such a huge deal but seriously what does this even change? its seems more of a symbolic victory anyways and i would think that it doesnt really mean much in reality....because what did we really do? yes we killed the guy who attached us 10 years ago, which is certainly symbolic, but we made a martyr out of him while feeding the idea that is fueling the fire,,, my question i suppose is, is this really cause for celebration?

    we killed a guy and next year i bet there will be people celebrating on the day we got him....it seems so fucking odd to me...but like i saidd maybe im just not getting it :confused:
  2. Were you directly affected by 9/11? If not you'll never get it ;)
  3. I agree someone who was directly affected by 9/11 would have a biased opinion on what is a morally guided response to the death of Osama Bin Laden. His death was symbolic, thats all it was. 10 years and trillions of dollars later.. (Cost of War to the United States | COSTOFWAR.COM) . Success, I think not. Its great hes dead but to celebrate only encourages this shitstorm.
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    that actually clears it up for me a bit. to those who were celebrating the event as a debt finally being paid to the lives lost on 9/11 i apologize for my insensitivity... i just dont want to see stupid people glorifying things (especially assassination) for the wrong reasons
  5. the way i see it :

    people are happy.. out celebrating.

    if they wanna be happy over this (doesnt change anything...) let them.

    like a dog getting happy over 'stupid shit' ... let the americans celebrate.


  6. It's similar to when World War Two ended, people celebrated. Bin laden started it by killing three thousand people, with periodic threats of worse to come, along with failed attacks, and now he's rotting at the bottom of the sea. It's a good feeling, especially in New York City, to finally have some closure for this.
  7. i like your take on it birds i do but in the back of my head i feel like getting happy over something like this without a good reason is just flat out wrong

    i dont really know why

    ...i think im a partypooper:p

  8. closure....thats the word i was looking for
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    He was responsible for the deaths of 3,000+ innocent Americans.. :rolleyes:

    Most of us watched our fellow Americans jump from the burning buildings and heard their bodies raining down to the ground on the evening news. Shit like that tends to stick with you.
  10. Lets leave the symbols to the symbol minded......... unless its 4:20 :)

  11. fixed? :confused:

  12. Nope it was just the way i wanted it :)
  13. My step-mom knew of a dude that was working at the WTC moments before the whole shit-fest. I asked her how she about OBL being killed, she told me she didn't feel anything because it didn't necessarily change anything. She didn't go prance around in the streets in star-spangled panties like these other clowns chanting "USA!".
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    how can you say this?

    we actually "won" a war then.. against a country(ies)

    we have won nothing at all in this case.. we just made things worse by parading around and dancing in the streets like fools.

    as proud as i was when they found him, i was embarrassed at the way some idiots acted.

    i'm happy that they found him and all.. but comparing this to WWII?

    c'mon dude.. :)
  15. Different type of war - for America, at least because we lost three thousand civilians in one day, probably more civilian casualties than all other wars combined, not to mention the frequent threats of worse attacks to come.

    The embarrassing actions of a few immature revelers does not minimize the enjoyment of the knowledge that this person is now at the bottom of the sea.
  16. No congrads due...

    Was it worth it ?

    Imagine how Alan Afghan feels sitting in the rubble of what was his village ?

    Or Peter Pakistani wondering what he will do with the rest of his life after a bomb dropped from the sky from a robot plane hunting for Osama or other AQ members ?

    They prob feel the same as Freddie Fireman's wife after he got killed on 9/11...

    Now is a time for reflection not jumping up and down like loo la extremists...
    Now is the time to move on...


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    Wait what?? :eek: have you ever heard of the Atomic bomb?
  18. Aheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmm


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