Ok guys...if you live in SoCal...most important question...

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  1. where's the most epic place to go in Socal? like yea i've been to venice, yea i used to practically ive by crystal cove.. bolsa chica is whack and hunington beach is cold and dirty...sooooooo where should i go? i live i the OC area...

    so yea any suggestions?

    o and if you've gone to lala land in venice beach..how is it? how are their prices? how's their selection?

    thanks :D
  2. That question always troubles me....There are no "Epic" places here really. My epic places are raves because im not 21 yet so can't hit the bars up:(

    And LaLa Land has the best quality on the Venice boardwalk. Great prices and the owner is way chill. He hooks everyone up pretty much 40-50% off every item. Also I think thats the only shop that sells Authentic RooRs on the boardwalk.

    sorry if some of this didn't make sense pretty medicated:smoke:
  3. ugh. I hate the word epic. everything is epic this and epic that. What exactly are you looking for? a good place to hang out and smoke? a fun activity? scenic views?
  4. Easy, La Jolla is sic as fuck because it's rich as people and somthimes you get to see lambo's just cruising.

    I take my cuzin on minimum days after school.
  5. yea epic like the first time you go to crystal cove and you are just speechelss.....woa fuck this place is ...is....EPPPPICCC

    but yea im looking for a really nice scenic place

    cause ok so here's the plan.. goin to venice first to get a nice bingus from lala land..then off to____________(help me fill in the blank) have a gnarly time then come home and pass out.

    sooo yea :)

    also la la land super expensive? cause i know a shop by me and their green label straight shooter 13' in roor for 500.99 and i guess he'd go 50% down which would be lie 250..whch i still wouldn't pay for a small roor like that

    soooo ou7ea
  6. It's all about who you know, really. Try hermosa beach? Even manhattan beach or redondo. They're decent.

    I go paintball shooting in bellflower.

    Huntington beach isnt that bad. You should try corona del mar, a little ways down past newport.

    Santa monica pier is pretty awesome to walk around at night.

    Hollywood. La.

    Mount high.

  7. Bring the bing-a-ling down to crystal cove sit on the rocks at the end of the beach and toke up:p
  8. If you can go north into LA county I have gangs of sick places. Here is my list, google em

    Azusa canyon
    Glendora mountain road
    mount baldy pipeline
    topanga canyon
    Lake Arrowhead is super chill and really isnt that far
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