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Ok folks, I'm Dry!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hooka_elf, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. i am a casual stoner, the kind that gets like 3 bowls worth like every other month because it is not too easy for me to get, and i don't have cash out my ass to spend. So, my question is: "What do I do to get a buzz when I am dry?" what i normally do is just blaze like straight tobacco, but this is getting boring....

    Thanks for any help I get...
  2. i was gonna say herbal high but there expensive, i think

    erm me and my mates used to toke on coffee beans for a caffine buzz, cant say its good tho, kinda get a bit crazier but u feel like ur gonna wrench

  3. you mean like the beans them self or the fresh grinds?
  4. well ground beans, has to at least have been real beans tho lol
  5. thats sick.... lol Elf.. ever try just puttin a seed in dirt? :p Or... i'd say try n find another dealer cuz if u can only afford 3 bowls a month, well 3 bowls isnt a gram even. Try gettin Middi's maybe.. sometimes they go as cheap as 5 a gram, normally only 10 tho. OR... u could try savin up like say 100 bucks, and try for a half oz of some decent mids, that'll last ya a good while if u dont smoke all taht much
  6. Don't lower yourself to desperate highs just because you've not got much weed and you said you only smoke 3 bowls a month of it or something...well having none shouldn't be a big deal to you.

    Over the past few weeks now i've been smoking flat out and when i don't have any i don't go looking for ways to get high...other than mj.

    Get some liquor and get drunk :)

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