OK everyone! Nows the time to chime in!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Headiez, May 13, 2003.

  1. Ok, so as it turns out, my shelves may not be an efficent spot. NOWS THE TIME to start giving me some concealment ideas! Im thinking along the lines of this, which i must say grower, is quite clever ;)


    Please take a moment to think up some clever ideas for my closet :)
  2. i'm thinkin of some right now! do you have any graficing programs?
  3. Thanks!

    In the wall behind clothes or a shoe stand in your closet it should give you around 14"x6"x7' in between the structural beams. It would be where your insulation was so you may want to put some 1/2 pink foam insulation on the wall. You can grow 2 plants in each box and can stack them if you want.

    If you have any dirt crawl spaces (like me) in your home thats awsome you can dig a hole make a box and ventelation system and cover it with a tarp then dirt. I think a hydro setup would be easiest, im planing on a bubler system, because you can hook up a pump to draw water and test and alter the water. Then after doing the math for the ph and adding the nutes you just open a valve at the bottom of the test tank and it all goes back into the tank and you never even have to open the box. also you can make a small door at the top so you can peek in so you dont have to dig out the tarp. For my setup im just throwing flat cardboard over the burried box beacuse it has been sitting there for years so it wont look out of ordinary.

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