ok did bubbles fuck my plant up?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mr.bubbles, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. well i sprayed some miracle gro on my plant SOME not alot thats the key..is that shit gunna die?:(
  2. why? why why?

    must be 100000 threads on MG but yet people use it....

    how old is the plant?
  3. about 20 days
  4. dude im no expert but i say flush the plant and dont use miracle grow ... you probally should have read some of the other dudes posts ...no offense
  5. no my plants straight
  6. Whats so wrong with MG ? I mean i use GH nutes now but, my first plant grew pretty nice haha

    And wtf ? yeah fuck 4:20 im with butters 9-08 represent!!!no haters
    Explaimn lol
  7. look up butters he was a black dude who posted here he was one cool mother fucker
  8. the mg nutes aren't that bad. It's the time release soil you want to stay away from.
  9. ur plant isnt gonna die as long as u didnt spray a lot of it on... possible for a little bit of fert burn but i doubt that even, just dont do it again... i prefer blood meal for veg bone meal for flowering
  10. I Used MG on my grow, and I did just fine. Sure I wouldnt use it again because I know better now. But MIRACLE GROW brought me some good buds.(still wont use it again though):smoking:

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