Ok...crazy idea? or should i do it??

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by fruscianterza, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. i can take the car out tonight to go to this chick's house, but very risky cause im bringing weed and itd be amazing.......

    i really wanna do it

    what you all think? maybe im just too stoned?
  2. do it for the internet.
  3. haha nice first post. i dont understand what the crazy idea is, though.
  4. do it and take picks

    Are you like 15 or somethin?
  6. Obviously he is like 17 or something, because he can take the car!
  7. go over to her house, smoke weed, have sex, take pics, upload the pics on to the internet
    in whatever order is applicable.
  8. wait..what the hell is so risky i don't get it. is it risky because your bringing weed in a car (not risky at all) or because the car is like your moms or something lol. :confused:
  9. whatever you do, just make sure you're high as hit by the end of the night
  10. I'm lost........... why did i read this post??

  11. QFT This thread disappoints me
  12. i fell asleep...idk guys i was really baked some new white widow it came in town. sorry fro the disapointment i guess.

    and yes its my parents car..

    and luckily i didnt causem y dad left at 4 in the morning for work

  13. oh alright...that makes more sense. :smoking:
  14. Hey fruscianterza..you know wadda I say..if you got a crazy sexual idea then by all means try it out..then come back to the board and tell us how it went so we can all get a good chuckle! Just make sure this "crazy thing" isn't something that's going to have you end up citing Meghan's Law to some nervous new neighbors one day :)
  15. god no, thats fucking insane!
  16. Doesnt seem that crazy to me.
    Do u know if she smokes? if she does, then no worries.
    if she doesnt then break it to her carefully like, "My cousin gave me this, and i thought maybe I should try it, what do u think?"

    come off innocent, cant go wrong.
    if she reacts negatively u know u can just cut the weed off, and fuck her anyway.

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