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    So, GC, I have access to cocaine. I really want to try it, but I also really don't want to die. I have reasearched it and apparently it can instantly kill you.
    I am in pretty good shape, 18 years old, healthy, no pre-existing conditions, but im scared it will kill me. should I just not do it?
    Any personal experiences and your opinion would be great.

    I can also get X if I should do that instead...idk..

    Thank you to anyone to helps out

    EDIT: How much approx. should a gram cost on the eastern seaboard?
  2. Why would you try something if you're worried about dying? Don't mean to dog on you dude but I would think about what you're worried about :p

    Good luck though in whatever you decide. +++ vibes +++
  3. your totally right and I know what your saying is obvious, lucky, but im just so...drawn to it.
  4. if your in good health cocaine absolutely will not kill you instantly. it won't even kill you at all unless you do a LOT.

    bet you anything the "facts" that you "researched" came from a goverment propaganda site.

    get some blow have a good time. use moderation of course.
  5. I know what you mean dude. Personally I have never done it, I mean I probably eventually will but right now it's not on my to do list :] I do know though that I have a few buddies who have done it, and they say it's pretty sick.
  6. well first im sure its possible to die, but i have never heard of anyone dying unless they do way too much. it is a really sweet drug, perfect if your gonna go out drinking or partying. personally i dont like to do it unless im drinking or have some weed or opiates or something to help me come down. because i hate not being able to sleep. also just be careful because once you do it a few times its easy to just keep doing it all the time. just do it for special occasions.
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    If your worried do X. It kills people too, but I believe MDMA is almost addiction free? Someone correct me if im wrong.

    I used to love a good blow everynow and then. I didnt die, but I could definatly see addiction creepin in on me. So I kinda stay away now

  8. First of all it's MDMA, and second, it is by no means addiction free! It all depends man, some people can take it and fucking love it so much they can't stop. My buddy rolled atleast 300+ times in his Junior and Senior year, it got so bad that he needed 3 or 4 pills to feel good. Then another one of my boys took it once and was so drained he couldn't do it again.

  9. That was a typo, sorry. Im not that stupid haha..

    Just checked MDMA has no physical addiction / withdraws like say opiates or cocaine would. If your rolling clean pure pills or mollie any addiction is metal:hello:

  10. Yeah, you can definitely abuse MDMA if that's what you mean.

    Definition of "addiction" varies... let me give you an example, in the 1971 Anarchist's Cookbook, the author claims that (meth)amphetamine is not addictive, but can be as bad a "scene" as heroin.

    Take it or leave it... but to the OP, go for it, but just remember how many have fucked up their lives with this shit - I doubt they went in like "hey let me fuck up everything good in my life!"
  11. Getting yourself all bent out of shape, and making your self paranoid doesnt help anything.

    You will be okay, ahaha.
  12. ive done both snow and ex. to tell the truth ,,,,ex is WAYYYYYYYYY better. i live in sofla ,,, good snow down here is 40 a gram. and that shits STILL way overpriced. coke and ex are very similar ,,, coke is a lil stronger ,,, but its a waste of money. it only lasts about an hour. for half the money , u culd get a good molly or 2 rolls and have almost the same high for 6 hours instead of 1.
  13. lol, cocaine is moderation is not such a terrible drug, it gets it's notorious rep from excessive abuse.
  14. Ecstasy is way better, do that. Coke is too expensive and addictive.. not at all worth it, IME.
  15. just try it.. then finish the bag.. then get more if you feel like it...
  16. this. hahahaha
  17. i did that stuff for the first time the other day and that shit is amazing
  18. As long as it's good coke I say go for it! I've introduced so many friends to coke, none of them have had any serious problems/addiction with it.

    Just start small and work your way up, don't go snorting half a g in one line and you should be fine dude. Listen to your body and let it be your guide.
  19. If I was in your position, I would def take the E. I want to try it sooooooo bad. You're lucky to have the opportunity
  20. ... then get some more. then stop. then get withdrawals. then buy more. then run out of money. then suck dick for coke like Bob Saget in "Half-Baked" :p

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