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ok class here is your assignment

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. do as i do

    smoke your pregame bowl, got out and get delightfully high, have as much fun as you can, and be as safe as you can, reports are due as soon as the smoke clears.
    be it tonight, tomorrow night, or thursday of next weeeek, i wanna hear about the fucking blast everyone had..MAKE IT A PRIORITIE...and blaze one in the name of the city.
  2. ill get back to you in a few hours then...:D
  3. It's not even dark yet and I'm already sitting here in a daze trying to decide if I'm going to stay awake for hours or days.
  4. best homework ever. got blasted, watched the mighty ducks game :( smoked even more. went skinny dipping. got laid :) smoked even more. at the moment i can't feel from my waist below. i'll explain in greater detail tomorrow. i'm about to go put on the trusty ol` headphones and endulge myself in music.
  5. Well l musta had a good time cause l thought l,d already post in this thread last night .[​IMG][​IMG]..mrs critters friend from work came over last night .l asked her if she smoked and she said yes :D.So l get the bong and mix and hand it to her,so far so good .Next she fills it and hands it to me ,that bit was good too.So l hand it back and she fills it again ,hits it and fills it again and hands it to me ,now this is really good,lol.Yeah ,well, 4 hours and a quarter oz later .lt was fun ,its just the 3 hours sleep that l,am having trouble with.
  6. haha, rock on D!!! I can't imagine having a better time.
  7. ....all i remember from last night was i got a number 10 from mcdonalds at two and didnt win anything on my monopoly fries.
  8. C'mon you guys - smoke, smoke, smoke!!

    This morning I got up and sang happy birthday for my oldest son, got the other boys and dogpiled him, talked about the wonderful day 15 years ago then I had to come and pick out my clothes for a funeral tomorrow. It's been a gutwrenching few days for me and hey - I've been smokin' a lot of pot!!

    Know what? I'm smokin' some more right now! Sucks to lose a friend...........................................................ANYWAY!!

    Gave the boy some $$ for his birthday - he's havin' a couple of his buds over tonite. They went and TP'd his girlfriend real good and of course when they came home they were hungry. I cooked some grub now we're watchin' Half Baked. I'll be takin' him next week to get his driver's permit - YAY!! He's too young to have a drivers license!!

    That's my report for the moment.............
  9. its four twenty in the a.m. on grasscitya.m. and im superthrowed

    the smoke still hasnt cleared, im in a jagermeister fog
    im a blog
    threw up HARD tonight

    two pints of jager and a half ounce later i find myself here

    i swear this is my emerald city.
  10. i sat on my ass got really baked.... at some good food...watched some football and talked to my girlfriend, seems like a good day to me....

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  11. Lucky ass son do you smoke with him too?
  12. No, I don't. He's promised me he's gonna wait. I think that would be nice but I'm not expecting any miracles.
  13. is that new avator hot or what stonie jo ???
  14. Yeah, Jessica Rabbit! I can say our hair color matches but I lost the figure a long time ago!! LOL!!!
  15. I agree, great av Stonie. Having been a 15 year old boy at one point I can tell you that your boy's probably already tried smoking and driving (hopefully not all at once). I could be wrong, not everyone is a dumbass like I was :D
  16. My friends Nic and Holly came over because it was Nic's birthday on Saturday...we drove around and smoked a blunt. Then I went to Fred's house and had awesome sex (actually, Saturday night was honestly the best I've ever had) :D YAY for me!

    Sunday morning I smoked a joint and a bowl with Fred's band. Good times, good times.
  17. Sensi - you GO girl!! Band guys are the shit!! I got me one and he's ruined me!!!!!
  18. ok...i forgot to post this, umm...whenever it happened...but ok, so my mom drops off my little sister and her friend over at my apartment for me to babysit them (they're both like 14)and my little sister knew i smoked pot(kinda obvious)_and well...her and her friend kept beggin me to let them after about an hour i broke down and said "ok...but if mom finds out i did this, your fuckin dead" (somethin like that) ok, so i go into my room and grab my bag and my pipe. i pack it up and tell my sister she has to go first (i told her it was really weak stuff, and to suck in as much as she could...but i lied, it was pretty dank) so she takes the pipe and hte lighter and shes like "how do i light it" so i told her, and it didnt i had to light it for her lol...ok so she takes it and she smokes cigarettes (blech) so i told her to breath in like your smoking a cigarette, only harder (ive never smoked cigarettes ever...but im assuming i know how since i do smoke pot) ok so she does and she starts like hackin all over the place it was her friend says she doesnt want to cuz ill laugh at i said i wouldnt...but i didnt...but ok...she took it and did the same as my sister..ok so then i was like, ill show you how to do it, watch me...ok so i took this huge fuckin hit, and it was too big, cuz this stuff was pretty...BOOM...ok so then i started coughin after like 10 seconds of holdin it in, and they both start laughin at then they both went again and were pretty toasted, so i didnt let them have anymore, and then i finished hte bowl and then we were all high watchin tv or somethin...and it was pretty cool, cuz now i have someone else to smoke with, my lil sister (im not gonna smoke with her often, but ill do it sometimes) so yah! i was gonna post this earlier...but i forgot about everything so yah!...i did my homework! YAY! oh and sorry for rmabling on so long and stuff...but i ahd to ya know? ya know! :D
  19. umm,don,t ya mean hempy ???,,yeah l know all you americians look the same ,lol.
  20. Holy shit your right!! Sorry 'hempy'! My bad. Too many bong hits!! I fucked up like that all day at work, too! It did seem funny - Sensi and a dude! LOL!!

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