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  1. i still have a question regarding starting plants late and flowering. if a plant is started late, in june or so, when it comes time to flower, it will still bud not just as big, right? b/c i heard from somewhere that u will have a bunch of leaves and no buds if u start to late, is this true? can starting in june stil produce a satisfactory yeild? if u start in like july, when time comes to flower, u will have a small plant but it will still flower, correcT? thanks alot i just want to make sure that the beans i jus bought arent going to be wasted because there isnt enough time for them to flower...?
  2. Plants will start to bud when they detect the days getting shorter. In my area that is early August.

    They will start to bud at that time irrespective of when they were sown or how big they are.

    So late sown plants will produce a smaller yield than their earlier, and bigger, siblings.
  3. you have concerns for your seeds being wasted, to a certain extent they will be if you plant that late. you wont be gaining maximum yeild
  4. If you are worried, save them till next year.
  5. i'd rather just use them now and see what i can get. i mean i know the yeild should be alot smaller, but i guess ill jus wait and see (as soon as dr. chronic sends me my beans). I mean i hope i wont get like 7 grams or something off a damn plant lol, that would almost be wasting it. Hopefully ill get atleast an ounce or so lol, hopefully more. Ima hit them with some good organic nutes so hopefully that will help. tyhanks alot
  6. budblower, dont be a fool like all the other people that say dont use bagseed, it'll be fine, however, if it's a heavy indoor strain which most likely it is, u have a risk of it not finishing in time for first frost.
  7. and about the strain u bought, too late in the season now, should've planted before june, probasbly willl be a waste, but personally i've never grown this late, just what i've heard.
  8. Get them in soonest!!!!
  9. no problem what so ever with bagseed. as long as the smoke was good!
  10. Absolutely, if you enjoyed the smoke, bagseed will grow you some more of the same.

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