ok boys lets go out so I can check out chicks!! and get more numbers than you ;)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by sensimil, Aug 8, 2003.

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  1. i got nipple and boys are dumb.
  2. probably... but thats why you\'d be commin with.... attract some of the honies....take some for ourselves.....an you get to have the pic of the littler... seems like a win win situation to me.... with plenty of alkihol in the interm...
  3. yo, got any workout with that Areola
  4. you sure , you wanna go there....

    hey... is it a tit nippy in here or is it just me.... :D

    nope...deffinitly not just me......

    edit...* you know the deal...*

  5. holy gravy! doing his homework apparently!

    lmao...and whenever you decide to give the girls name out that you just tried to bang...
    and only gave a nipple shot...
    well send her my way...:p
    im sure things end up all that much better...:p

  6. all you have to do is look at the file name....succa...:D
  7. damn straight!

    if you *sigh* boys, did want to know...allright... :)

    and well...mmmmmmmm..ladies...you know how to contact me ;)

  8. ugghhhh.....
    i guess thats what happens when your a wee bit drunk of cheap vodka an have nothin do to....

    ohh well no regrets here...:D
  9. boing....settle down now boy.
  10. oh the wonders of mixing pills and alcohol..
  11. now is it just me or does this look like a nip on a corpse. wheres the colour, wheres the pointy out bit, i thought it was a bruse when i 1st saw it.
    y didnt u pick a betta pic to post senci or is that the kinda nip u like and im just missing the point?

  12. a very confusing situation caused by too much beer and random spur of the moment ideas.....who coulda thought this baby woulda been born.....:D
  13. omg you guys are ripped

    i wish I was
  14. if i were a chick and i saw Digit & Sensi walkin down the street, regardless of nipple expossure, i\'d go for sensi.

  15. lol you saved it to your computer.

    I guess I shouldve included a disclaimer with that pic...
    kind of nip I like? lmao.. I like the kind a bit more fleshy, bouncy ann not attached to the same body as cock tip.
    lol........ah...cock tip.
  16. i know its not my body and i know i\'m not you, but beleive me, it is not a good idea to post nude pictures of yourself on the internet...

  17. lol believe you..


    ok mom. lmao. jk...

    I was looking foward to seeing these pieces of art hit the cover of Nipple Monthy lmao

  18. wtf?? are those two lil people sewing a nipple on the areola?

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