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  1. So Ive been thinking about getting Inked for awhile now. My question is what women think of dudes with tattoos. Im in great shape (not ripped but toned) and Im a good lookin guy. For the most part I look like I should be a business man in a suit. But Im a serious beach person. I live for running at the beach, swimming, or surfing (cant yet but working on it lol).

    For designs I want to stick to words or symbols and I want it across my back up by my shoulder blades. I have a symbol I designed for myself but its not on my comp yet so I cant post. As for phrases Im really partial to "Feed my Desire," because it has a meaning to me. Also it seems pretty rad.

    Either way, that being said, I dont have a picture of myself to post here (at least not one worth posting lol) but I would like some input as to what you all think of guys that have tattoos. :D

    Please no BS comments about my ignorance of the art or my maturity. I very well no what I am getting into and just asking for simple thoughts and Ideas.
  2. well sounds like its somthing you person wanna do so jus go for it. i have mine and love them i dont care whht other people think about them.
  3. Do whatever is the raddest to you bro.
  4. it has to be cool tho cuz your not gonna pull much pussy with a cheesy flaming wolf tattoo lol:rolleyes:
  5. [​IMG]

    honest advice, don't worry what the ladies think, do it for you, because you're the one that has to live with it every day
  6. I won't speak for anyone else, but I love guys with tats.:D
  7. Yeah I like them.

    I know a guy who has a huge lilly tattoo'd on the side of his neck and it is very very sexy.
  8. tat's are sexiee, but get something you like.
  9. not trying to steal the thread but why the hell would a man get both his nipples pierced. seems just fucked up to me but whatever
  10. Thanks guys, thats the kind of input Im lookin for. But yeah Im doin it for me and my personal satisfaction. Im workin on my own designs and tryin to figure out some phrase I like too. Hopefully once I figure out what I like Ill have the kind of bank available to get it :D

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