OJ: Pulp or No Pulp?

Discussion in 'General' started by SleepyShoegazer, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. That is the question. I prefer my OJ with heavy pulp, especially when it's near ice cold. That way, it's like a non-frozen Slushie texture. I enjoy it, the only problem is that it makes glasses and cups all icky with pulp that sticks to the side when you're done with the glass. But it's a small price to pay. None of the cheap shit, though. Minute Maid is gross, and Tropicana is usually gross, too. I prefer me some Private Selection OJ.
  2. Pulp is the way to go.

    A nice tall glass of thick, frothy OJ... oh lordie.
  3. Idk guys im gonna have to go with no pulp on this one. I just want a drink. I dont want nasty shit sliding down my throat while im tryin to refresh myself.
  4. I like heavy pulp as well, anything else is like an orange drink, not orange juice; pulp is just another natural part of OJ.
  5. Pulp + Ice + Mango mixed in..
  6. i like my OJ with pulp too.

    lol i was starting to wonder if i was the only one.
  7. No pulp. Although I can't stand the taste of orange juice anyway :hide:

  8. I have to dilute it with something, ice or water usually, cos I find it too sweet otherwise
  9. doesnt matter, ill drink it either way. wether its from concentrate or not, its all good to me. 1 of my fav drinks for sure. i love swiggin down a fatass glass of OJ the morning after a long night of boozing...its like Heaven.
    - how can u hate Tropicana though?
  10. Definitely no pulp. As much as I hate to admit it, I'd rather drink something else over orange juice with pulp. And I love my OJ.

    But I'm an extremely picky person when it comes to food and the like to begin with.
  11. Either way. Both are delicious.
  12. Pulp all the way.
  13. This. :yummy:
  14. I prefer no pulp. I won't turn down a glass of OJ if it has pulp in it and I'm thirsty though.
  15. I like pulp and a few cubes of ice otherwise its too like acidic I guess not sure how to describe it
  16. I either like no pulp, or so much pulp you tihnk your eating an orange.
  17. OJ is the nectar of the gods. I will drink it over anything else, any time, any situation.

    I prefer mine velvety smooth with no pulp, or a little bit of pulp if it's cold and crisp.

  18. LOTS of pulp, ICE cold, and preferably with a little mango, pineapple, or banana juice mixed in (or better yet, all 3)... MMMMM!
  19. Anyone who said no pulp is getting -rep.


    Seriously though, is there anything in life better than thick pulpy fresh squeezed OJ? OMG yes, thick pulpy fresh squeezed OJ with blueberry pancakes.
  20. Dont forget a little vodka...ahaha mmmmmmmm

    But Pulp is mos def the way to go, as stated Ice cold on a nice sunny morning with a joint and some eggs n bacon you got yourself a perfect morning!

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