Oily dome stuck to joint

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  1. So the dome on my rig is super oily and it gets practically glued to the joint when it's cold and then pulls my Quartz nail out when it finally comes free. It's the sovereignty econoiline btw.

    So I have been hitting the joint and dome with my torch a little to heat it up and loosen the oil but I'm scared I'll get too close or to hot and break it. Is this nothing to worry about?

    Or should I leave my dome off so it never has a chance to harden on there? If have to put it on parchment paper or I'll have rings of reclaim wherever I sit it lol.

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  2. Clean your dome and joint more often and stop leaving it on your rig. When I used a dome I would take it off after every hit. I would clean the joint and dome regularly as well
  3. Forgot to add that..I'm waiting for it to get super dirty so that I can reclaim a ton at once. And also I like how they look all caked in oil.

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  4. You can clean the dome and joint without cleaning the entire rig. But if you like the way it looks dirty then make sure to tske the domr off between hits or invest in a domeless nail (but then you dont get the dirty look)
  5. I'll either start leaving it off or heat it with the torch to make it come off easy but I don't wanna break my cool sov dome. It's probably fine

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  6. Go to a drug store and get a box of at least 70% alcohol wipes\\swabs. I use those to clean just the joint and and dome when not looking to clean my whole rig. Works perfect to fix the problem your having with out losing much claim.
  7. but he likes the nasty black reclaim everywhere look
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    all the cool kids have dirty rigs now
  9. Make fun of me all you want I don't care lol. I'll be enjoying a big batch of reclaim brownies either way.

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  10. You shouldn't have to worry about torching the dome a little bit as long as it's made of quality borosilicate glass. Since it's the same glass used in laboratory equipment it's intentionally created to withstand extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.

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  11. Just wipe the joint with an iso wipe and call it a day
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    People make iso hash, so there's no problem wiping your joints clean with iso and not cleaning your whole rig. I dip a handkerchief in iso and clean the outside of the male joint. To clean the dome i plug up one side of the dome with a finger and fill halfeway with iso, cover the other side and shake. Reclaim comes out almost instantly. Then i let the joint dry and run the dome under hot hot water. The hot water and the iso will be dry by about the same time and your good to dab without sticking for awhile. Also a flux nail does wonders for sticky joints. The vapor doesn't touch the glass like it does with a regular nail, so no claim builds up.
  13. You still get lots of dome claim build up with a flux. How does the vapor not touch the glass
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    Less. You still get claim, i never meant to say you get none. I only get it on the dome, and it builds up nowhere near as long.You get almost none on the top of the joint because the vapor dosn't touch the top of the joint. It goes over into the nail.  I cleaned my joint every other day before, now its maybe once a week. It only builds up on the top of the dome from some splatter and then runs down. I actually changed out the nails on three of my pieces because it makes such a difference. 

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