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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by tokedmonkey, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. Hey, I painted this a little while ago, what do you reckon? Tips? Things you like/Dont like?



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  2. Thats a wicked painting, i love it man. Good work man. Did you paint that stoned?
  3. Totally. Sober. :S
  4. holy shit dude that is awesome :)!
  5. the tree scares me. but still sweet ass keep it up man
  6. I like the tree, but im not to big of a fan of that pig looking thing I think you could have painted something more in theme with the tree, but what the fk do I know :), good painting over all
  7. thanks guys. that's meant to be a sheep, but what do i know? :p whatever you see is what it is i guess.

  8. i thought it was a rabbit
  9. its an abstract animal lol

    i saw pink sheep so your good with me toked
  10. that belongs on a pink floyd album cover. very tripped out.

  11. holt shit dude!! thanks!

    thanks to everyone who replied :)
  12. I like the look on the sheep/pig's face, like he wants to tell me something

  13. I think he's just looking at me weird.
  14. this has gotta be some serious art my friend...i could just picture it in a museum...emazing...


  15. When I saw that thing, my first thought was, he wants to kill me
  16. man toked, that shits awesome... i wish i could paint like that! looks like there could be hidden meanings in the painting. i draw a lot of things with hidden meanings, things that make no sense to people who don't give it some deep thought. keep up the good work.

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