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Oils, Waxes, and Concentrates

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bssarchives, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Alright, I've been smoking for 10 years now, but I'm really late with this concentrates thing. It's huge now, and I've really slept on it. Last week my dealer did not have ANY bud. I thought "Damn". He sold me 4 grams of "Rick Simpson Oil" I haven't smoked any yet. I just keep looking at it. I feel out of touch you know, what happened to a good ole joint. So my question is - If I start smoking this oil, is it going to completely ruin bud for me? Will I never want to smoke raw herb again? That would kind of ruin the whole ritual part of the great plant. wouldn't it? To me, half the fun, is grinding your shit up and preparing it. idk i guess I'm an ole fart.
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  2. You dont smoke Rick Simpson oil. You eat it.. At least I thought.
    Plus if it is actually rso it's mostly cbd.

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  3. Yeah RSO is definitely way different from the concentrates you would dab like hash oil (whether it is shatter/budder/crumble)... RSO is much more for medical use.

    IMO if you do get your hands on some concentrates and you try taking dabs, it won't ruin actual bud for you. When I was able to get concentrates, I would take a couple dabs in a day, maybe up to 4 or 5 if it was a weekend which would get me pretty stoned quickly, but throughout the day I will still smoke bong packs which keep the high going nice, and to me the highs hit you differently.
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  4. Concentrates can ruin bud for you if used too frequently and for an extended period of time.

    A tolerance break from the concentrate will allow you to enjoy flowers again
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  5. He said I could spread it out on a zig zag and It works good. We'll see.

    I'm gonna try it out, see what the big deal is. My friend has like 600 bucks invested in his dabbing rig or whatever, he swears by it.
  6. Yeah, once I went fully concentrate, i can't smoke flower anymore.

    Few days ago I went to my buddies place and smoked some flower, reminded me of a bbq...

    Love me my dabs.
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  7. Rso is not mostly cbd. It's supposed to be a mix of all cannabinoids but being heavy in thc since its for fighting cancer.

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  8. It's heavy in whatever the source material is heavy in. It's basically hash oil.

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  9. Then it would not be rso. Rso is a specific type of oil made for treating cancer. It is not any random strain.

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  10. I think i have seen both cbd high rso and thc high rso at the disp.
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  11. I mean, yeah, I suppose you could soak it on the paper and go that way. Probably wouldn't kill you if you tried to actually dab it somehow. Spread it on toast, maybe? I'd have to assume that one could end up high as fuck if they pushed the limits a little bit with actually eating a hefty amount in one sitting. I've heard the shit is strong, so this likely shouldn't be to difficult. Give it a shot and tell us how it goes.

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  12. I've been putting it on the paper, who ever made this stuff did not do it right because it looks dark green instead of golden brown. Its not very potent and im pissed the fuck off. I'm gonna post a pic of it.
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  13. Green is no bueno.
  14. PISS lol I'm not making this mistake again
  15. I put it in empty capsules. It keeps my crohns in remission. Dr, have you actually made any? Phoenix tears aka the cure, created by Rick Simpson and most definitely NOT strain specific since all strains have some amount of all canniboids, you sir are misinformed.

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  16. I've seen people dab with it. Foul tasting tar, I'd never try smoking it.

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  17. RSO is used to treat cancer. Im sure it can be dabbed but i dont know how far that would get you. As far as ruining the herb, oil is jusy concentrated weed. Its the difference between beer(bud), and vodka(wax). One is stronger than the other but they both have the same chemicals

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  18. You bought rso, tends to look very dark

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