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Oil's pickup thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by oiladdict, May 15, 2010.

  1. hey guys got some new bud today from my boy.

    stay tuned for more pick ups once i finish this depending on how it smokes ill buy a zip and get some macros.
  2. damn i wish i had some of that lol
  3. i have seen people call mold before and say "what a ass" and could see that for sure it was not mold....... but i have never seen trichs group up unevenly like that before. maybe someone will chime in
  4. it does look like it could be mold..hopefully not though
  5. yeah idk it does look a little odd
  6. yeah either its some exotic or....mold :confused_2:
  7. when in doubt make qwiso:smoke:
  8. That looks moldy. The reason I'm not hesitant to say that is by the shitty manicure job. Anyone who leaves that much leaf on dank nugs probly doesn't have the sence to keep it from molding too.
  9. See, I was thinking more along the lines of: Maybe the leaves are covering the buds, where the actual trichomes are.

    Clearly this demands a trimming and closer pictures.

    Edit: On the other hand, it looks like mold.
  10. It definitely seems to be moldy.


    What JohnnyWeedSeed said.
  11. does look like mold. but did you smoke it?

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