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Oil with no heat

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by da bulls, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Hey I'm planning on making some weed oil for this friday and had a few questions. My plan is to just put a gram of very(very) finely ground up bud into a little vegetable/olive oil and letting it sit for 3 days. Then mixing that with some peanut butter and let it sit for another 2 days. (5 days total) Then make a peanut butter sandwich out of that.

    My questions;

    -Will olive oil or vegetable oil be effective for this?
    -do you think the non heating method works well enough?
  2. id say probly
  3. Who knows weed does what the fuk it wants in ur body lol wrap that bitch in 3 layers of foil and throw ontop ur roof.. get 5 days later potent suns heating always good
  4. this won't work man, its not enough time.

    The suggested time varies, but I've let weed sit in oily peanut butter for over a week to no avail. Man up and cook it, or let it sit for a month or so and do it up

    if stealthiness/smell is a concern, use a toaster oven. those little fucks can be plugged in outside :laughing:

  5. Thanks man. I guess I'll just cook it...damn. I really thought this would work
  6. i did too man, save your gram like i didn't and make some kickin' edibles like i did after i cooked my firecrackers :hello: best of luck.
  7. #7 Klauck, Mar 26, 2012
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    If your able go out and get coconut oil and some lechithin. Trust me I have experimented plenty of times, as soon as I got coconut oil I felt a HUGE difference. Badkitty has a kickass guide stickied ill get you the exact link soon i am on my ipod. Also im pretty sure I read that the sun method is not good at all so play it safe and dont try. I am also wanting to do the no heat method and am curious if it will be as potent cookng. Good luck with the edibles OP :)
    Here ya go

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