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Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by Rokintreasr, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hey blades I haven't ever dabbed before, but I've been reading about it. I read that smaller tubes with minimal diffusion bring out the flavor of the oil. Would a SSFG travel tube with a showerhead downstem be a good choice for an oil rig? To use it as an oil rig, I would use a male to male adapter on the downstem. Anybody every taken dabs out of a SSFG travel tube? Do you think 12" would be too big for an oil rig? :bongin:
  2. the ssfg has a nice small bore tubing and is defiantly not over kill for an oil rig
  3. Thanks man. I think it'll be a nice lil tube for taking some dabs :bongin:
  4. im goin for an itza nano as my next oil rig
  5. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my DWB Titanium ladle and fully-worked dome. It should be here on Friday. To celebrate, I'm going to spring for some CO2-blown Gold Flake that a nearby dispensary just got in.

  6. I've heard they have a really long waiting list. How long did you end up having to wait?
  7. I've been waiting a month.
  8. Thats not really that long. I think I'll shoot Drew an email :cool:
  9. Check out the MOmo Boomstack, pretty affordable and works great for my oil use! I'm considering picking up a MOmo Beast, which comes with a dabber holder, removable concentrate dish, dome, and nail. I'm not sure I'm ready to get a dedicated rig yet though.
  10. deff, using the boomstack as my "dedicated" rig currently. switchin up to a itza dry-11 nano :smoke:

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