Oil Rig Help!!!

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  1. Im going oil rig shopping on tuesday, I want something to compliment my new hobby of spraying. I dont want to spend over 300 unless it makes the piece unreal. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should be on the lookout for while I browse the shops? Thanks.

  2. Beer glass has some awesome micro pieces
  3. If your in SoCal there's a dope glass shop called high priority in long beach :)
  4. Really matters on how much diffusion you like on your rig. Thats going to be the biggest difference between everything.
  5. If you don't wanna spend more than $300 then just get a toro micro, you'll be happy

  6. Whats your favorite perc? I'm thinking about getting a double
  7. N3rd makes some awesome rigs for way less than $300. The labs of aqua have them in stock I believe. But VT is right. Micro and macro would be a good choice.

  8. I'm from West LA, thanks for the heads up bud.
  9. Yo hit up the headshop(s) dementia

    There's three or 4..

    Sherman oaks, woodland hills, NoHo and somewhere else.. But ya they have everything from Toro, to möbius, to fucking Dave Goldstein and 4.0 :smoke:

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