Oil rig explosion could have been avoided

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by ravishingred420, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. I asume you all have heard about that oil rig explosion off the coast of Louisiana? It is a tragedy that could have been avoided all together. If cannabis was legal we could do away with oil all together. For any one who has read the late and great Jack Herer's "Emporer wears no clothes" you already know the endless uses of cannabis. If cannabis was legalized we could rid ourselfs of toxic oil and fossil fuels and use clean burning cannabis based petroleums, and methanes, which do not contain sulfur. Any one who says that fossil fuels burn just as clean as cannabis or other bio mass derived fuels is a dumb ass who needs to be correctly informed. Fossil fuels come from dead decomposed matter that produce sulfur where as cannabis which is living, and continues to remove carbon dioxide pollution from our atmosphere, and does not produce co2 when burned. If cannabis prohibition was ended acid rain, sulfur-based smog, and the green house effect would be eliminated.
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    Surely you can't be serious.
  3. Hell ya im serious. If cannabis would have never been made illegal we probably would be free of our independance on oil and fossil fuels by now. Now i know thats a big if, I just wanted to make people think about the self-destructing life style we have created for ourselfs. and how easy it would be to fix and make better than ever.
  4. yeah they talk about this on the union...and how ti would eliminate the green house effect. But it will never happen cause the government is so corrupt and the American people are so ignorant about the many uses of hemp.
  5. I couldnt agree more that Americans are pretty much retarted when it comes to the uses of hemp, and the government is so over the top corrupt that it makes me sick to my stomach to think about. I some times wonder if cannabis will ever be legalized because of the imence corruption of the government but I keep believing and working every day to achieve cannabis legalization.
  6. It does sound like a good idea but do you realize how much we would have to change to make this become plausible ?

    Plus, Americans dont like change if you havent noticed.

    And half of my family including me would be out of a job since we are all in the oil field. Haha.

    None the less though, it would be great to start up my truck and drive to the store and fill up with fuel made of nothing but cannabis.

  7. You mean industrial hemp?
  8. I agree w/ Livelifehigh

  9. no, i think he means that if cannabis was never put on prohibition, hemp sure as fuck never would have been put on it.
  10. That definatly suck you would be out of a job. but if you look at how many jobs this would create versus abolish it is quite impressive. I disagree on whole your view of it never being legalized because its "to hard". Amsterdam has done it with no ill effects, yes there will need to be refineing of the laws once they are introduced but what laws go into effect and are instantly perfect? none. If there is any reason that it wont be legalized i believe is that the government has to tight of a hold on EVERYTHING and will do everything in its power to keep it prohibited. I almost think if we ever want 100% freedom to do what ever we want with cannabis there is going to need to be a revolt of epic proportion. Like, Im saying civil war type stuff, and reorganze another independant union of the usa. What really gets my goat is america has turned into what our fore father fought for against england when america what first declared independant. Now we need to stand up against america and make sure our voices are heard.
  11. Doesn't everything produce CO2 when burned? I can validate anything else you've said but I'm quite positive the bolded area is false.
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    Sure does. Being natural (alive or dead has nothing to do with it), it contains organic molecules. They are organic molecules because they contain carbon, and lots of it. Now, any combustion reaction involves the input of O2. When you're burning combustible material, which is more often then not hydrocarbons (methane, propane, butane, gasoline, etc., basically a molecule containing both hydrogen and carbon) when dealing with industrial "stuff" (for lack of a better word). So in a very simple one, a combustion reaction would be:

    CH4 (methane) + 2O2 -> CO2 (the lovely ol' carbon dioxide)+2H2O (water)+energy.

    Which means, the greenhouse effect wouldn't end, because combustion of plant material, and cannabis based petroleum (which is a fossil fuel, because petroleum means crude oil, how they could be sure the fossil fuel was created through hemp, I have no idea, ask the OP, he's the one who said it), and methanes, would all produce CO2.

    And lets not forget, there are many more greenhouse gases than just CO2. Other major ones include: Water vapor, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, and Ozone. Yes, water vapor is a greenhouse gas.

    Now let's not forget other obstacles. Farmland. Industrial hemp would take up a lot of space in order to COMPLETELY end our dependency on fossil fuels. So, where would we have space to grow our corn, our rice? Without room for those, cereal grain prices will sky rocket, so there will be a lot more starvation in 3rd world countries, and many more food riots. There would not be enough space to grow the food required for our current population and it's growth. You probably notice the rise in the price of sugar, corn, and especially rice. Why? It's because you can created cleaner burning ethanol (the alcohol found in your vodka and beer) from those products. With the growing popularity of alternate fuels, E85 (85% ethanol, 15% conventional fuels) has become much more popular, requiring more farmland devoted to growing ethanol producing plants. What we have now, are food riots and higher prices.

    Now, I won't completely deny the wide variety of benefits that industrial hemp would give us. Yes it is a wonderful textile, yes it is easier to grow than most plants are today (very important considering the amount of harmful fertilizers we use), and yes it can create biofuels. But no, under no circumstances, do I ever see hemp single handlely end our dependency on fossil fuels. It just doesn't work that way. Do you see countries with legalized industrial hemp laws suddenly stopping their order of crude oil from the middle east? No, because the world just doesn't work that way.

    Sorry, but had to be said.

  13. I respect and honor all that you have said MUSHO3210, and thanks for clarifying that everything when burned produces co2. U seem like you know your chemestry. Also wether or not you want to hear this I gotta say it. Humanity can NOT survive if we do not find alternatives to fossil fuels. Now im not saying within our life time, but it is not far off. Fossil fuels are not renewable so @ some point we, with out an option must be 100 % independant from fossil fuels. rice is a huge import anyway and that would not be that effected. As far as the nutritional value goes it would replace in greater abundance anything that is deminished by its preasents for example, soy, and corn. I also dont believe I ever said that Hemp alone would single handedly rid us of fossil fuels, I said BIO MASS will rid us of fossisl fuels. And for space... there is ample space left in the world for mass production.
  14. One more thing... cannabis based petroleum is not a fossil fuel. And in this case Petroleum does not mean crude oil. I dont understand why u think that petroleum always means crude oil. And you can not creat fossil fuels through hemp. I never said that. even if petroleum means crude oil, cannabis based fuels do not need any kind of crude oil. Cannabis through pyrolysis (charcoalizing) or biochemical composting can be turned into fuels to replace fossil fuel energy.
    And the idea that using bio mass to create fuels and there by reverseing the greenhouse effect is validated by the idea that fossil fuels are of dead, decomposed plants that add sulfur and other ozone depleating substances to the atmosphere where as bio mass (cannabis, corn, soy, sugarcane, ect.) are all living things that continuously remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as well as other "BAD" gasses. Furthermore, biomass fuels do not contain sulfur.
  15. I completely agree on the fact that we need to end our dependency on fossil fuels, and I appologize that I misread your post, thinking it said hemp would completely end our dependency.

    But you are wrong in our ampel space. There is plenty of space yes, but what can we grow in deserts?
    The World’s Running Out of Fertile Soil… Here’s What to Do - Contrarian Stock Market Investing News - Featuring Bargain Stocks

    I don't understand what you mean by "rice is a huge import anyway and that would not be that effected." But, from what I can garnish, rice IS affected right now: Rising rice prices spark concerns - World business- msnbc.com

    I don't think other combustible fuels is the answer, especially when they are using either food products, or space that could be used for food products. I would look into solar power, wind power, hydropower, and, if absolutely necessary, nuclear power. With regards to the environment of course.

  16. You don't know why? Uh, well, it is in the dictionary:
    Crude oil | Define Crude oil at Dictionary.com
    Petroleum | Define Petroleum at Dictionary.com

    In theory, any organic plant based substance can create fossil fuels, as long as we put them under incredible amounts of pressure for millions of years. Since you weren't using the correct definition of petroleum, I really had no idea what you meant, so that's probably where our confusion lies.

    I do not know if the amount of greenhouse gases, and if you're right, other "BAD" gases produced through combustion of a plant is enough to offset the amount of O2 produced by the plant, especially because it is not continual. Plants only exhibit photosynthesis (consume CO2, produce O2) during sunlight, at night, they use areobic respiration (consume O2, produce CO2). Besides, land based plants aren't even the major contributors of O2 in the atmosphere, phytoplankton is.
    World Oxygen Sources

    Now I have sourced and referenced my materials. I will assert to myself that I am correct in these things because I have a source. If you can provide for a source that proves me wrong, then I guess I'll either agree with you, or stick with my sources and agree to disagree.
  17. I realise that by the dictionary standard what i said doesnt make sence.Thats my mistake for misuseing the terminology, im glad we got that cleared up. I guess i meant to say biomass can be converted into methane, methanol, or gasoline, not petroleum based fuels. I was totally confusing I know. Sorry man.

    Even if the offset of "BAD" gasses to the rate plants can use them still weighs in the favor of the "BAD" gasses it is still going to be A huge percentage better than if we did nothing and continued to abuse our fossil fuels. It has been shown that plants of millions of years ago used to grow of unfathomable proportions because there was an unstable and over the top level of co2 which plants thrive on to grow. so Yes I believe that the deficiet would be made up and then some.

    I appreciate all of your feedback and information. I hope im not pissing you off, I enjoy these kinds of conversations, it will make us both smarter and more appropriatly informed with "the facts"
  18. No, you're definitely not pissing me off. I just had some disagreements and confusion, but they have all been cleared up.

    In the end, we're both on the same side, we want industrial hemp to be legalized (along with recreational cannabis), and we think there needs to be alternatives to fossil fuels.

    No harm done eh?

  19. Its hard to agree with rav when he backs it up with so much, smart posts.
  20. Definately no harm done MUCHO3210. I like it when I mee t people like you. That keeps me on my toes.

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