Oil piece that doesnt need a water pipe?!

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  1. Ok so my buddy has this glass oil piece that looks like a regular bowl except where the bowl is theres a dome piece with an opening on the top. On the bottom, theres a small hole with a glass nail that moves freely up and down.

    What you do is push the nail up, heat it up, let go so it falls down into dome then you dab on your oil. Its harsher obviously, but its cheaper than a water pipe and water pipe adapter.

    Whats the problem?

    I dont know where to find one. My buddy used to call it a birdhouse oil rig but do searches online has turned up nothing.

    Does anyone know what im talking about? Know where to find one?

  2. yeah i actually saw that one on etsy. my buddy had said that the one he got was like 20 dollars tho.

    you have that same one? how do you like it?
  3. I never knew about these I want one hahaha do they sell em at normal smoke shops
  4. I have one that is super similar just its completely clear, and i like it! its super easy and really portable, got a case with mine too. n yea keif i bought mine at a local headshop but all depends on the store
  5. yeah they dont have these kind of pieces anywhere around where i live.

    And i know! i was so excited when i found out about these.
    does anyone know anywhere else online they can be found? or what theyre actual name is??
  6. Is it kinda like this? Mine is meant to be attached to a bong, but it sounds like almost the same thing.

    Can't really say I'm a huge fan of it though...maybe if the wand was quartz or titanium it might work better. I prefer my nail and dome setup because I can just get way bigger hits.

    Awesome concept, maybe I just can't get mine to work properly.

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  7. not like that at all my friend haha its more like just a straight bowl, but instead of a bowl to put weed in, theres a dome with a nail inside it.

    so picture a xl chillum- but with a dome and nail rig attached to one end.

    its just a straight shot, no filtration so yeah its way harsher, but its still a dab:D
  8. also i just figured out that searching concentrate pipes brings up a lot more results ha
  9. A lot of (seemingly) good shit in this thread

    for the people who posted stuff, how would the thing you posted compare to a normal skillet for a bong?
  10. Well i wanted to start this thread because I figured there a lot of others who hadnt heard of this dry oil rig piece either.

    And how does it compare to a skillet? Well first of all, if youre gonna by a bong attachment, get the TITANIUM screw w/ the dome attachment, easily the best way to take a dab.

    But comparing the two, they both work equally as well I'd say. The only difference it that using a dry oil rig is a lot harsher, so you'll probably be hackin'. :smoking:
  11. glass hotknives man
  12. care to elaborate?

  13. its a glass tube with a flattened end and a little dip in the flattened end. You can inhale through the tube and the intake is just above the flattened end on the tube.

    You heat the flat part of it via torch until its glowing, take your dabber and dab that shit to your face


    the piece on the right
  14. I <3 glass hotknives
  15. a dab to the face is sounding awesome right now.

    or anytime.

    how much those glass hotknives run? any places to buy or specific types that you recommend?
  16. [quote name='"shakeNbaked"']a dab to the face is sounding awesome right now.

    or anytime.

    how much those glass hotknives run? any places to buy or specific types that you recommend?[/quote]

    Mine were like 15 bucks lol
  17. you could get a normal dome that would fit in to a bong (with a TI nail) and then a j hook for it

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