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Oil of cannabis saves womans legs from amputation.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by peanutbutter, Sep 2, 2008.


    Holy oil of annointing, which contains an extract of bud, causes new skin to grow over exposed bone and mussel. In seven days.

    See it.

    This is what our politicians are keeping from us.

    Is that how you protect someone? Force them to suffer amputation when a medicine exists that will heal the diabetic sores?

    Fire every politican in November. Don't vote for one single person trying to get re-elected.
  2. Put this in "general"'ll get more responses. It is not a political topic either.
  3. It is very political, if you had watched the whole thing.

  4. Wow, well there are quite a few flaws of the main video.

    Let me point out a few.

    1. Anecdotal Evidence, no research
    2. No discussion of causation vs. correlation
    3. Diabetes and by extension diabetic necrosis has a distinct psychogenic nature to it

    Put whatever religious implications you want on it.

    What else does it contain?

    Exposed bone and muscle? I saw no evidence of that.

    That's how long the treatment lasted. No mention how long she actually had diabetic necrosis.

    It said nothing about how long after treatment that those pictures were taken.

    I mean, there is no control here. Simple honey can cause a wound to heal quicker is an effective antibacterial solution. This really tells us nothing.

    I mean it mentions antibacterial effects, but the problem is, is that diabetic necrosis is not caused by bacteria. I mean even then, if the antibacterial effects are better than market products; distill and derive a synthetic compound of of it and figure out how to use it effectively. Let's see some more solid scientific evidence then a single anecdote.

    Hell, let's hear a scientific basis, not an emotional appeal.

    One issue voter?
  5. Spade, you just like picking apart peoples posts word by word don't you. :D
  6. Yes.

    He does.

    Indeed. :)
  7. It's why I'm good at what I do.
  8. Whatever that is. Or whatever you want people to label it as...
  9. Sign Planter.

    I plant signs.

    Me at work:

  10. Pretty cool actually. :) Thanks for sharing.
  11. Well, it seems that I've failed to get people to notice the scientific study linked in the beginning.

    But even worse is that you failed to see the political nature of the video.

    I'm sorry you can't see.
    This is political, not legal, not FDA double speak, not a scientific presentation. It is supposed to have emotional appeal.

    Cannabinoids have properties that are anti diabetic. Which may be why they seem to be effective for diabetic sores.

  12. Sam you're a dork, plant something that you can smoke.
  13. Re "one issue"

    Yes, I want to change the marijuana laws in the US.

    It is a very important issue to me. To many others here also.

    The stakes get raised substantially when you include those people faced with amputation and death.

    Hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps even millions, fit in that category.

    For those people, their own health is issue number one.

    These people don't know two things.
    1. There is already a medicine that might help them.
    2. Our government is keeping it from them.
  14. Well .. the video has had over 1200 views.

    There is a very strong probability that it has been brought to the direct attention of Ron Paul.

    Here is my next rough trial. It is aimed at doctors.

    Now open for comments.


    Rev. G.

    Please understand. These videos are political.
  15. And even if you insist that it is "merely" anecdotal, where do you think the ideas for medical studies come from? "Anecdotal" stories! Real, individual, but unscientific, stories of healing that some doctor attempts to duplicate. If you want to gripe, gripe about the lack of studies on this subject! We need studies to prove, or disprove, these claims!

    Ever talk to YOUR doctor about it?

    Granny :wave:
  16. Morning Granny!!:wave:

    It's odd that people think my videos are not political.
  17. lolz ftw
  18. More medical slightly political but also law... Way too high but i agree with this post entirely
  19. Is it possible you are referring to hemp oil?
  20. Hemp oil mixed with a couple of other cannabinoid containing herbs.

    From the book of Exodus 30:25. There is a mistranslation there. It should be cannabis not callimus.

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