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Oil Heads advice wanted

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by tbbgrow, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. so im pretty flush with bud after my most recent harvest and ive decided to start making some BHO out of all the popcorn buds i was too lazy to trim. I think im pretty set on making the oil, though if anyone has some tips on how/how long to purge with hot water underneath that would be helpful, but what i really need advice on is the best way to smoke it.

    i am having trouble deciding between a globe nail set up or a a curve.

    My questions regarding the globe/nail setup is how effective and easy is the heating of the nail compared to a skillet vapor curve ? it also seems like side loading globes would be much easier than top loaders, is this correct?

    Will the process be easier (less likely to burn myself or my house down) with the nail or the curve? it seems the accurate comparison ive read about heating this stuff up with a butane torch and maneuvering around to smoke it is like a high stakes game of operation

    How much of a difference in the experience will the material i am smoking the oil of make? is the difference between titanium, glass or quartz significant whether you are using a nail or curve?

    Also, any suggestions on what i should get to start my oil smoking career would be very helpful. I have a tube with a 14mm joint on a 45* angle that i plan on using to smoke the oil out of.

    i know thats a lot of questions, but i want to get a quality piece that i will be able to enjoy smoking the oil out of and im completely new BHO.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I'll try to answer your questions as clearly and concisely as possible.
    So in the process, first you spray the 'tane through your extractor into your Pyrex dish. I usually then put the dish over warm water until all visible liquid butane is gone. Then i bring it inside where I have a pot of water on the lowest heat possible such that it is barely boiling, or even just steaming hot but not boiling. I put the Pyrex dish over that water for about five minutes, then I take it off for two, then put it back on for another couple of minutes. You will see little bubbles form and pop, I typically do it until most of them are gone. Then I let scrape it up with razor blades and put it in my dish.

    As for curve versus dome, that comes down to personal preference. I have a Ti curve and a dome with a quartz nail. Both are relatively safe and easy to operate. You hold the torch flame to either the nail or pad until it glows red. In the case of the dome, you put the dome top on and dab at the hot nail. With the curve you swing your Ti pad into place and then dab on that. I happen to prefer the dome, don't know why but I just do.

    In terms of material, I always start with the best bud possible. I take whole nuggs and stuff them into my extractor. I use a pen to pack it as tight as humanly possible. Once you do your first run, you can usually take the buds you just ran out, mix them up and do a second run. It yields a much lower quality oil but is good for edibles and such.

    Good luck getting into the oil game, it's a ton of fun!

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