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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by hippie john, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. I was thinking that it would be cool to grow in a 55 or 85 gallon oil drum. it would be the ideal stealth garden when you think about it, just cut a door hole in front and cut a door from another drum and weld it up with some hinges and your set. hopfully i'll make a drawing and get it on here pretty soon.
  2. would be kinda hard to get into tho wouldnt it?
  3. not really, if you cut a door that is 1/3 the Circumference wide and almost the full height. You could put a revolving table on the bottom of the drum.
  4. Finally made a model of the drum without the door on. heres a pic.

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  5. heres another picture at a different angle.

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  6. where are you planning on putting this drum?.....if outdoors maintaining the temp would prove to be a problem as the metal will cool very quickly, and in the sun will cause a lot of heat, and humidity.....i'd do some tests of it before planting.....also how were you planing on making the door lightproof?......Peace out.....Sid
  7. I was planning on putting this drum inside and in a corner of my workshop, you know, disguise it as an everyday peice of junk. Its really easy for me to hide stuff because I'm such a pack rat and every time i go dumpster diving i just get more and more and eventualy it builds up. I was going to put some foam rubber on the outer inch of the drum to seal it off.
    I was also thinking of putting another drum on top and welding the 2 together and then cutting out a big tall doorway to get more height.the drum in the picture is 1'10 1/2" in diameter and 2'10" tall, with the pot and light it only leaves you around 18" of growing space.
  8. would be better to weld the 2 together, and also rid it of any harmfull fumes......Peace out.....Sid
  9. yeah i know what you mean about fumes, the drums used to have radiator coolant in them.
  10. yeah you really have to get all the fumes out.....very hard with big drums for some reason.....Peace out....Sid
  11. what about burning it out and cleaning up the soot after. Is that shit flammable?
  12. yeah, I have a wirefeed MIG welder.
  13. the idea is revived! except 30 gallon now:D
  14. I think growing in a drum is a great idea! No corners so light is always reflected to the plants and not lost in corners. You should get 2 55 gallon drums for like $10 US if not free. And cut out the hole like you said. With the second drum cut out a door thats about 1" bigger then the hole so it overlaps. Attach hinges and weatherstriping and the overlap will be sealed. Then you can put a padlock to keep it to yourself, and dont forget the combo ;). Do you plan on doing a scrog, 4 plant SOG, or just one big main cola?
  15. u should just use a big trash can
  16. an oil drum is stronger
  17. Yep
    The oil drum would be stronger,
  18. i like the trash can idea, a wheeley bin wud b gr8 4 it, or a big plastic water butt. or or..... hmmm got me thinking now!
  19. I was thinkin about a plastic bin, the kind you put in offices,
    make a fake dish on top and fill it with paper and underneath is a grow box,
    its a big bin though like 4ft and maybe 3.5f growspace underneath and its circular too,
    and wouldnt be very suspicious either..............
    Im going in town monday and finding me a bin!
  20. What happens if someone trys to throw out the garbage or throws there garbage in it.

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