Oil Dome And Nail Set (An All Glass, Efficient BHO Smoking Rig) *Pictures and Video*

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  1. Hi GC.

    I recently picked up a BHO smoking rig from a local headshop. I thought I'd do a quick write up on it.

    It's a pretty simple rig. The small (14mm) male joint on the base goes into a 14mm female joint on a tube or any 14mm glass on glass smoking device.

    The nail is placed inside the larger MALE joint in the base. The head is hollow, allowing the BHO to be dabbed into it without it sliding off. Then the nail is heated to red hot.

    Once the nail head is red hot, the "dome" is placed over the nail to keep the vapor inside.

    Finally, a stainless steel paper clip is used to dab a hit of BHO into the nail head. As you do this, you inhale.

    Here's some pictures and a video that should help explain it.




  2. whoa, i need one of these
  3. Just made some QWISO Hash. will this kind of rig for kiefs & extracts as well as oils?
  4. Well I tried to just watch the video, and not read your write-up, and it completely confused me. After reading the write-up, I think this may be the coolest thing I have ever seen. I am no tryin to be nosey, but what do they cost? I NEED one of these. I have always just capped bowls with my bho, and that ruins the taste and purity.
  5. same here, I'm having lots of trouble finding an oil dome. buying some dank hash oil soon and could really use one
  6. old thread, but how much did you pay?
  7. the only time i've ever heard of anybody buying a worked up nail, the first time they heated it the nail cracked in half. he spent $70 for the nail, too. HA!

    ill pass on that. it looks cool, though!

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    You can now get these pretty cheap. Some cheap plain glass ones on ebay right now for less than $20
  9. never dab off colored nails! so gross think about the chemicals they use to make those colors.
  10. So the plain glass ones are better? I don't know what chemicals they use for the colors.
  11. all kinds of shit, I had a link but reinstalled windows and lost all my bookmarks. Heavy metals etc.

    I personally like quartz best. All the flavor of glass without all the breakage.

  12. I agree! Ive had my quartz nail for about a year now. Dropped it countless times and even dropped my dome from about waist height onto a concrete ground, and IM STILL ROCKIN IT!!:D

    Ive tried 3 other nails, all Ti, and even a domeless nail and i would STILL choose a quartz over metal. I like the flavor and the fact that i dont have to worry about titanium oxide or whatever is created when the Ti nails get red hot

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