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Oil dilemma

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by peacebaby914, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. I am making some coconut oil (crockpot method) & I have some in a jar already that I wanted to "enhance" a while ago... but was working on a gas stove & was stupid. I burned the material, & now the oil seems useless.
    I wondered if I were to add it to this new batch I'm making RIGHT NOW, if it would ENHANCE IT after all, or if it will remain inadequate & then lessen the effectiveness/strength of the rest of the whole batch it's combined with?
    Sorry, I'm usually so good at EVERYTHING "MEDIBLES." Still have some to learn of course, like most things in life.
  2. Anybody? Please help... if it will put some medicine back into the oil I need to add it now.
    The coconut oil didn't burn ITSELF, like butter would have, just the herb in it (small amount, dumb to do on a gas stove not used to, when I'm also used to the water method, & not herb in oil direct, alone).
    Could it still extract the cannabinoids, even though it burned some herb previously? Could I start over with it as "new oil" basically I guess, I mean? And cook it RIGHT, with the virgin oil I'm already making in the crockpot with water method?
  3. did you try some to test potency?  you probably cooked some terpenes off but it may still be of use. if it's not decent i wouldn't use it in another batch since it will just dilute the potency of that.
  4. That's what I was thinking, it wouldn't strengthen it, it would just bring down the whole new batch ultimately by being mixed in (diluted almost really). I'll just keep it separate & IDK.... Use it for a batch of "very light treatment." Which is okay, because usually I have them so strong they just put me in "couch-lock" position until they have me pass out (which is usually the desired effect, as I don't get enough REM, or deep stage sleep ever, & can sleep for 12 hours & really have the equivalent of 4 to someone who sleeps "normally."). Maybe I can find a happy medium sometime. Between nothing & just SLEEPING. :)
  5. I'd say keep the well-made batch pure. Just make a pan of brownies with the shitty oil, if it takes 5 to get a buzz going so be it!

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