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  1. New to the site would like to just introduce myself....point5grams here north east ohio native...think i have a serious problem..i love getting high it calms me and keeps these demons fron taking me over..hahaha keeps the peace and keeps me sane....love the diesel strain...but recently have been more excited whenn i blow kush...tolerence has elevated way beyond....just got some granddaddy purple ....and i save that for me and my tight partnas..haha yeah im greedy like that...i have pics videos and more ahead truly a peace and love smoker ....get at me, enjoy me, like i plan to enjoy this sight and its members......
  2. Welcome to the City :D
  3. Welcome, I'm sure you enjoy the site, if you haven't yet. I'm from Cleveland, nice to see some more Ohioians.
  4. wadup, northeast ohioan as well = D

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