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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Blunts only420, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. So yeah how's MMJ lookin for ohio? Wtf happend to the OMCA 2012? Come on we need something besides decriminalization laws Michigan has MMJ but we don't? It's like no one in ohio is trying to speak up for our state! By the way can I get A MMJ card for my vast sleeping / chronic pain problems? If there's been any recent news bout ohio and MMJ i apologize I have yet to see them
  2. Was wondering the same..^ that kids link is so outdated the last post os may 2012. Anyways if you find any info keep me updated

  3. U anywhere near Columbus?
  4. Yeah OMCA was a complete fail, I signed up to collect signatures and joined their email list and received nothing. Let alone they barely gave updates, but their facebook page was full of marijuana related memes.... I hope something happens this year, I mean if people would just collect signatures at all of the big colleges we would have no problem getting the required number of signatures.
  5. Nah about 1 1/2 hour away i live in alliance. Its in between sebring and canton also close to minerva

  6. How are the prices up there? I imagine ur pretty close to the country

  7. Yeah I seen updates once every 2 months or so, they don't sound too serious bout it, we need to make a stand
  8. Prices are affordable
    Mids - $10 a dime (1.5g) - $25 eighth (3.5-4.5g) - $50 - Half O (idk grams) $100 Ounce (28g)
    Loud/Dank $10 a dime (1.5g) - $25-$50 eighth (3.5-4.5g) idk about half ounce , or ounce for dank and idk about a pound
  9. [quote name='"kushblunts17"']

    Prices are affordable
    Mids - $10 a dime (1.5g) - $25 eighth (3.5-4.5g) - $50 - Half O (idk grams) $100 Ounce (28g)
    Loud/Dank $10 a dime (1.5g) - $25-$50 eighth (3.5-4.5g) idk about half ounce , or ounce for dank and idk about a pound[/quote]

    I have been being ripped off tremendously.
    25 for 1g of loud!!! FML but now that I think about it its prob less. he would give it to me in the micro version of those quarter candy machine eggs the toys come in. If you know what a zwinki is its about that size

  10. Wow I need to move up there were I'm at
    Mids: 1g $5 2g's $10 eighth $15-$20 half O $50-65 (14gs) $80-110 for an ounce pound $650-$1000
    Loud:$20 a G!!! I hate it! Eighth - $30-60 quarter ounce -$70-115 ounce $250-400 pound $2000-4000

  11. Wow! 25 for one G! Outrageous it better be hella purple and super frosty
  12. Yeah you should try, i got some dealers eho could probably hook you up fat.
    Strains over here are: fire kush, og kush, lemon kush, and sour diesel. Also we have dro but idk what strain it is.
  13. Yeah we've been gettin heavy loads of diesel, we specialize in kush we also have a lot of skunk but 90% of the time it's kush I think we're gettin Michigan medical too
  14. What starts with nothing and ends with nothing and is high in the middle?
  15. damn 20 a g thats rough up here on the east side of cle i wont pay more than 15 a g and for an eighter usally runs about 45
  16. Now I can get 15 a g an 2 for 25 so I guess that's a deal
  17. yeah 2 for 25 aint bad is it some kill tho?
  18. He'll yeah that pacquiao

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