Ohio National Guard Training Envisions Right-Wing Pro 2nd Amendment Terrorism

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    Da fuq?!?

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    As horrible as that is, is it really that surprising? I mean if you don't call America a Fascist dictatorship in this section, youre considered a weirdo lol.

    Sigh.... guess Ive finally lost the capacity to be surprised at the state of country :/
  3. All them gotdamn American terrorizers!
  4. Not surprised at all. That's life in the United states of Oceana. It's a sad state of affairs when the only true patriots are demonized and made into "terrorists".

    I'm so fucking sick of the very word terrorist! It has lost all meaning after over a decade of using it as a brainwashing buzz word. Now it's just used as a trigger word to scare the people into giving up their rights for a false sense of security.

    A terrorist now is simply someone who disagrees with the fear mongers in Washington. Have you ever bitched about a tax increase when you went to buy a pack of smokes? Welcome to the terrorist watch list. 'Murica, where everyone is a potential threat.
  5. Scary shit happening. According to my source in DHS(brother in law) the Feds are conditioning them to think the American ppl are all the enemy. Basically anti-insurgent training saying the enemy is hiding in the population so you must look at everyone as the enemy.
  6. Look at the 'no hesitation' targets that certain feds have been training with.

    Targets of children, the elderly and even pregnant women armed.

    Really fucking classy.

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