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  1. This petition is for Ohio only, as it pertains to Ohio and is intended to address the Ohio State Government only. The Ohio Medical Compassion Act (OMCA) was introduced last year, near the end of the 127th Assembly (2007-2008). It is currently being considered for re-introduction in this 128th Assembly (2009-2010) by several Ohio Senators and Representatives. If the OMCA were introduced again and passed into law, notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person who is at least 18 years of age may lawfully possess a usable amount of cannabis for medical use if, at the time of that possession, the person has available a valid registry card issued from the Board of Health, or an authenticated copy of a medical record or other written documentation from a physician, which may be used as an affirmative defense as well.
    This Act would secure freedom from prosecution and persecution for both doctor and patient, as well as for care-givers, who would be legally registered to recommend, use, and cultivate marijuana, respectively. This is a very tightly written piece of legislation that was presented by the Ohio Patients Network, the North Ohio chapter of NORML, and the Medical Marijuana Action Network. The only argument against the bill would be the validity of medicinal use of marijuana. There have been numerous studies that show the efficacy of marijuana as a useful medication for a wide range of illnesses and symptoms. There may still be more yet to learn, and more research will only be possible once patients and doctors are able to participate in such studies without breaking the law.
    I urge all Ohioans to join us in this cause, as it is inconceivable why a doctor is still unable to recommend marijuana as treatment, yet they are competent enough to perform surgeries and prescribe a list of other medications that have known serious side effects. Many organizations and citizens in Ohio support this bill; even the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Association of Ohio (ADAPAO) supports the idea that more research is needed pertaining to the medical benefits of cannabis. Several members of our state legislature are not opposed to the legislation as well. We need to let them know that we are not alone, we are not going to give up, and that it is not political suicide when a Senator or Representative sponsors a bill that the majority of his / her constituents are in favor of. All we are asking for is compassion for those who need this medicine. Your caring support for the Ohio Medical Compassion Act would mean a great deal to many Ohio patients who are currently suffering without their medicine due to the current legal status of cannabis.

    you can sign it right here Ohio Medical Compassion Act for Medicinal Marijuana | Change.org
  2. Great Info! Thank you for sharing..

  3. Thanks for posting this I hope Ohio will realize they need to change and make this happen soon.
  4. Yeah, no shit or else I'm gonna have to move back to Jerz :smoking:
  5. ohio is too right on government too many hicks and conservatives that would never let this pass its a good idea though but I will probably have grandkids by the time anything in ohio really happens. I dont even have a child of my own yet
  6. :( but :)

    I don't understand how to even vote on this stuff, i put my info in the required fields then it still says info is missin'..... ?????
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    I called and talked to the lady from NORML yesterday becase I didn't understand how it all worked. It's up to the Senators to pass it and not the voters. So what you have to do is call or write your Senator and tell them you support the bill. They have all year to vote on it. So they could do it next week or 11 months form now.


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