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  1. Hey im from ohio and i was wondering if any one else out there knows of any good high end headshops in the cincinnati, dayton area.
  2. There's one in Cliffton by Bogart's that's not too bad called The Cupboard, pretty sure it's still in business. Out to the east by Eastgate you have High On the Hill which is on 32 and about a half mile down the road there's another one by the Speedway gas station but can't remember what it's called. Over in Beechmont there's Hemptations but it's called something else now, it's a porn/headshop... lol It's right along 125, I think now it's called That 70's Store or Shop
  3. I've been to Hemptations and The Cupboard, Haven't been to the Tinder box or The other one I found

    The Head Shop : 9806 Colerain ave

    Tinder Box : 4601 Eastgate Blvd. Site 316

    Hemptations : 2034 Madison Rd

    Has a nice selection of smaller items, a few midsize pieces, and a an ok selection of huge pieces. No salvia, but lots of other accessories, clothing, posters, etc. Nice people there I thought too.

    The Cupboard : 2613 Vine St

    Lots of random stuff here, salvia, an ok piece selection, although not as good as Hemptations. There seemed to be more larger pieces here. Lots of clothing and jewlery too, if you're into that kind of thing...
  4. cool thanks alot. do you happen to know if any of them sell roor? i would appreciate it. thanks
  5. If you go to Milford OH there's 2 headshops on Route 28. If you're coming from route 48 and get onto route 28 then to your left will be Misfits and to your right will be Unique Boutique. (Both headshops are 2 mins down the road) Neither of them sell roors but Unique has a LOT of good pieces for decent prices. The people that work there are awesome too :)

    As for high on the hill... i haven't been there but i plan on going soon to see what they have.
  6. does anyone know about any in the Newark/Granville/Heath area? I know there's a Puff n Stuff in Newark. Is it shitty? Are there any others around here? I'm a freshman at a school around here and am from Columbus. I'd like to save the gas by not driving back home to the assortment of head shops back there.

  7. What college you go to?
  8. Denison. know any shops?
  9. There's a few places around dayton, theres one in downtown dayton in the oregon district this is their myspace MySpace - The Oregon Smoke Shop - 23 - Man - DAYTON, Ohio - myspace.com/261131260 , pretty cool little shop. Theres one called 70's rock shop heres a review site for it 70's Rock Shop in Union, Ohio. (oh.) #34302171 , nice place i got my favorite piece there on my 25th bday =] and theres my favorite which is in yellow springs called the import house Tobacco Products Equipment & Supplies in Yellow Springs, Ohio (oh) , my personal favorite shop...which if you were unaware yellow springs is home of dave chappelle, totally wierd to think about when youre there =]

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