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OHIO Green Crack and Skywalker OG!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MFred420, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. So I been smoking only dank for the last week but unfortuantly I didn't have time for pics ..
    But I do have time tonight to show you what I picked up tonight!!
    I got a gram of Green Crack and a gram of Skywalker OG for $40!
    The GC has a very unique earthy smell while the SW had a very citrus smell
    Awesome highs on both of them but I liked the SW more honestly

    Green Crack


    Green Crack


    Skywalker (sorry about quality)


    Both Together

  2. Skywalker man looks sick
  3. I'm in the 740, near the WV panhandle
  4. Skywalker doesnt look like that from what i've seen.

    Still looks good tho.

    Enjoi the smokes
  5. ^ weed looks different by where its grown, how its grown, who grew it, where the seed are from....

    almost every batch looks different usually....

    looks danky dude. hope they smoke as good as they look. :smoke:
  6. Nice pick up bro looks really frosty:).. Anyway I got pics of the skywalker in my thread mine is way more fluffy but its organic so thats probably why!! The taste of this is amazing!!
  7. I had some skywalker in cali. More purple than that, but it still looks like some fire
  8. enjoy man! 513!
  9. Ahhhh what I would do for a clone of that skywalker both look fire nice dude...:smoke:
  10. Everyone's raving about the skywalker but I think that Green Crack looks pretty darn nice. I'm about to harvest one tomorrow. I hope it turns out so well.

  11. The green crack tastes amazing!! I'm used to the fruity sativas but this one was very different but I ain't complaining :smoke:
  12. Both look really nice.

    I like green crack, it's so uplifting, I find myself doing shit around the house while I'm listening to music.
  13. I swear when I smoked a bowl of GC I NEEDED music to listen to, and when I put my headphones in, it was the most awesome feeling lol
  14. 740 here also
  15. what part man??
  16. Looks yummy! Sounds like Ohio has a nice selection, I just moved here, 513 no hookups yet. Maybe one day :p
  17. had green crack in 440 a few weeks ago

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