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  1. I just Saw that ohio has medical and recreation bills coming up is this true?
  2. I think so but I bekieve its been voted down before. I'm not too optimistic for this shitty ass state. Ohio makes me depressed. I wish I were in colorado. With akk the advancement in technology over decadesx its sad that laws are still old and outdated.
  3. I don't understand why we were one of the first states to decriminalize but haven't even gotten medical marijuana yet.
  4. Too many old farts if the have to get people to sign a petition there's plenty of collages and osu prob has enof for most the signatures
  5. Cleveland state would get a lot XD that's where I go. 
  6. As I understand, the vote is more for the commission to be created, and then the commission makes the rules and regulations. Is this true?
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    This is ORG's new poster child for MMJ. Is it me or does this send the wrong message? 

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  8. That looks pretty bad but any one have any news on ohio
  9. You would have a better shot with drew carry.
  10. A friend of mine just stopped by and said it was IP for vote in November...( he also suffered severe head trauma in a m.c.crash).....hope its true
    Sorry to say it wont make it for us to vote on in 2014. ORG ( Ohio Rights Group) needs to collect around 500,000 signatures before the first of July and only have around 50,000. They are the same group that messed it up in 2012.   

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