Ohhhh I gotta complete the mission!!!!

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    Alrioght im baked as hell watching ninja warrior and I must get enough vitamins to make it through the night before the cold sets in so what I did was I pissed on my shirt and wrapped it around my head to keep me cool during the warm texas months now. I am saying this all outloud with a bear grizls voice jo ya feel me its gravy jo. Ohhhh hooo hooo spoonfull is soo good jo, its some frozen yogurt place here that you fill up however much you want on that ass and you weight it, I smashed that hoe jo. Rioght mate what we're gonna do now is complete the objective, the car is in sight, I must ride with mu memah to journys to return some shitty titty shoes mannn

    Im baked as hell and this is for documentation of my rambling moments while chopped
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    I love how you misspelled ninja.

    I guffawed hard.

    Edit; You shouldn't have changed your original spelling of ninja, the misspelling was the only part of this thread thats guffaw worthy.
  3. The towels must be smelling like grapes again
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    John connor must die

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