ohh ... shit.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Gri77oN, Sep 3, 2003.

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  1. I \"lust\" ma job.

    cool side: I\'ll be posting more, probably..

    bad side:
    ohhh plenty:
    -had build up a little amount to build miself a growing box and all that, I\'m not sure I should spend it ..
    -I am /not/ in the moode at all to start selling myself to countless recruters to be turned down like some deep shit because they don\'t see a damn about the being I am. (I\'m good at what I do _computer tech)
    -just not in the FUCKING MOOD AT ALL.

    {I must no go \"down the joint\"}
    luckly al I have now is regular hash


    I woz doin\' good lately. starting goin\' out again actually meeting people.
  2. oh shit I forgot \'bout that one.
    but it doesn\'t really bother me actualy. I regard my day\'s work and juge for myself. I know I put the bar real high, so if I\'m satisfied with my job, then the rest doesn\'t matter.

    which boys?
    names, we want names !!
  3. I hate job hunting. I looked for a few weeks for a decent job near campus selling something or doing something with computers. No dice. Not even a call back. It sucked ass. Now, I\'m finishing my transfer with Cracker Barrel so I can at least have a job and get some money. I don\'t even have enough money to get my lap top fixed right now. *sigh*

  4. fucking right on.

    fuck that.

    i think i get classed as long term unemployed now. not the best of situations to be in. its like every employer now just looks and sees how long you\'ve been unemployed for and asumes, either \"he isnt applying himself\" or \"no other employers want him, so why would we?\".

    fuck off having to prove yo self to anyone. let the proof be in the pudding (or however that saying goes).

    this is just another tiny sub plot to my hatred of capitalism and how its screwing over everything we could be.
  5. deep, but I rekon it\'s our society that corrupted our intentions.

    When born we just wanted to be better. But we very soon are told that we should be wanting a bigger car the neighbour\'s or a greener grass...

    thanx! sincerly appreciated . I sure need some of that.
  6. oh well I\'m gonna do the only thing I can:

    Pay myself a nice expensive five star restaurant
    (I do live in Paris after all)
    I\'ll send you vibes once in front of the menu choosing.

    then, a certain amount of {evil]money{/evil} later, I shall walk home where I will offer myself one hellofa joint i tell ya.
  7. damn the place was packed..
    So I went to that indian restaurent that\'s so good & cheap.
    (they tried to rip me off, but I knew better)

    anyway, here it is:

    4 paper king size, 4 cigarettes, and lots of hash.
    should last the whole night.
    then again..

    Behold citizens, BigJ
  8. thx mom, it helps I promis it does.
  9. all things considered, the worst part is that I may not b able to build ma grwing box just yet..

    I\'m ok when da french gov started enforcing the law more harchfully, i bought a quit confortable of hach. but it\'s hach.

    btw I lost my job for political reasons.. yup I worked for a _minor_ politician
    I thought that by working for the gov at least my work wouldn\'t go into the pockets of some shareholders whom just don\'t deserve their way of life...
    Anyway I saw how things are done on a town level in France, it could b better to say the least.

    I may start looking in other coutries actualy ..

    say, near you place, citizens, how does the computer tech employement goes?.. (why not after all)
  10. I am in total awe. The size of your joint just shocked me. Wow. I bow before you!
  11. I\'m 2/3 through ..
    (toke 20mn to type this)
  12. I\'m sorry to hear about it, Gri77on...good luck on finding a new job, I know how hard it can be, believe me :p

  13. hint hint... you said it yourself!

  14. The buttom has fallen out of the tech market in the States. I\'m sure Obviliot will agree with me. We both work in IT, I\'m an IT Manager/Network Admin, OB is a coder. I know that I can\'t be pulling in six figures like it was possible to just a few years back.... The market is flooded with yuppie techs that think they know all because they are paper certified by MS. Please, if I threw them in my environment, they\'d be crying within a day!! :D My two cents.

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