Ohh My god!!! What do I doo???

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  1. OMFFGGGGG i dont know what todo right now... I just went in my moms room and Ive had a feeling shes been acting sketchy.

    So I look on her phone and their was a shit load of texts to this random number like did you get the pictures I sent I lovee you I cant wait to see you Im very aroused a whole bunch of shit like that!!

    My Mom and Dad have been together for soo longg!! I cant believe my mom is fucking doing this im so fucking pissed at her

    What do you guys think I sould do should I tell my sister?

    Their is no way im telling my dad I want to confront my mom but idkkkkk please give me some advice!!!!

    Just smoked a bowl of purp trying to ease my mind


    I sent a text to this number from a gmail i just made saying if you ever fucking text ____ again im going to fuck you up so bad
  2. That's crazy.

    But don't jump to any conclusions just yet.
    Get some more evidence, then when you know for sure wtf is going on,
    you should confront your mother.

    Good luck, I really hope you're wrong.
  3. talk 2 ur mom str8 up noone else (yet)
  4. I know whats happeing for sure!!!! I read so many texts on her phone but the text I sent to the guy was pretty intense so I think he will tell my mom but I know im 100% right i read so many texts omgg idk what todo

    I tryed to call him *67 I was going to curse him out but he didnt answere

  5. Oh shit you texted him? Damn, point of no return..

    Then you should talk to your mom before he gets a chance to.

    It's going to be hard, but you have to let her know that this is really messed up...
  6. What if your dad has like a pre paid phone or something temporarily. My mom didnt know how to put in contacts in her phone for the longest time haha.
  7. It was an anonymous text from a random email I just made she wont know who it is but she will be worried and I can bust it at her any time
  8. Dude that's so not your place.
    The problems that are going on with your mom and dad are
    between them. There's no way I condone that violation of

    That's an issue your mom needs to deal with...
    she made her bed, let her lie in it.

  9. I called the number and it went to voice mail and I heard the guys name
  10. you shouldn't go through your mom's shit and it's not your business yea it might suck but w/e

  11. did you stalk him at all? reverse phone lookup or some shit like that? facebook?

    What if he smokes weed?

    Really, its your mom who made the decision to follow through with this, who knows....maybe your mom told that guy she was single, and he thinks everything is all straight.

    I dont know if this is the best idea....but maybe send him a text saying shes married or whatever your parents are.

    That will rule out if he is partially at fault or not.
  12. what are these people saying it's none of your business???? if your close with your parents, been living with them your hole life it's definitely your business as well.
    i'm sorry don't know what you should do because i don't know what i would do. if i found out that this guy knew that she ha a family and everything i'd straight up punch him in the face several times. you don't get with married people thats not cool, and getting punched in the face several times isn't even clothes what he should get.

    but dude get the facts straight you should prob confront her before you jump to crazy assumptions.
  13. The guy has to fucking know because one of the texts said

    Sorry I had to take Grant somewhere Ill call you in a few love you!!

    Im Grant!!!

    And this shit really fucking pisses me off because my dad is so good to my mom he bought her like a 5 carrot ring and omg I feel so bad for him I love my dad
  14. let her have her fling tell her you know. and it will end.

    had some similar stuff happen aswell thats what i did.
  15. The other posters are right. You overstepped your boundaries by even lookingh in your Mom 's phone.
    How would you feel if she went through your chit?

    What if your Dad is letting her see this other guy?

    Chill out dude.:smoke:
  16. As others have said that was a total invasion of privacy. You obviously have no respect for your mother and I hope she slaps you when she finds out you looked through her phone (although I bet she won't; if she would do that sort of thing then you wouldn't behave like this).

    I know as a kid you haven't experienced this, but when you get older a lot of the people you date already have kids from previous marriages/relationships.

    Anyway fuck trying to break up your mom's relationship with threats. You should confront her and tell her that she needs to tell dad, or you will.

    Even though it was an invasion of privacy, what's done is done. You can't let her keep it a secret; you owe it to your Dad.
  17. i would have made copies of the texts like forward them to myself and then talk to my dad about it and incase he acts like im a lying bastard of a son show him proof or at dinner drop the name of the guy at the table like hey mom some guy called john doe passed by to drop off a package for you.
  18. [quote name='Fëanor']As others have said that was a total invasion of privacy. You obviously have no respect for your mother and I hope she slaps you when she finds out you looked through her phone (although I bet she won't; if she would do that sort of thing then you wouldn't behave like this).

    Seriously guys, FUCK. THAT. If I ever found out shit like that about my mom I..idk id find the guy and beat the living fuck out of him. OP if I were you I would get right in your moms face and call her out on it. Tell her flat out what she is and watch her face as she realizes it. Should really make her think about what shes doing to her life.
  19. Dude, you are proof that yor mom likes to fuck. Get over it. She probabl likes her legs all up in the air and having her ass spanked too. You are a nosey little shit for snooping. I wish you had see a nice graphic photo of a facial or something. Would have taught your ass not to snoop.
  20. Hold on a minute. For all you know, this is a game that she is playing with your father, and the email is his. Or, maybe it's just sexting - like flriting with another married person for fun with no intention of ever even meeting them. Your father may not care, or he may be very hurt. Either way it's not your place to get involved. Long-term relationships can be very complex, and people do all sorts of things to keep themselves happy.

    Mind your own buisness and forget it.

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