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ohh boy im in for it now!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phunkyphil, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. this is the big one.. the trip to end all trips. i postponed my first acid experience and instead took roughly 900mg of dxm at 1:00am.. 20 minutes ago. at 2:00, i may eat another 600mg, bringing my total dxm consumption up to a whopping 1500mg. needless to say, this will certainly be a fucked up, life changing experience.. im not even going to try to report it, as i know ill be completely unable to communicate in any rational manner.. hell, im feeling the first affects as i speak :) this may also be my last DXM experience for quite a while.. thought id go out with a bang :smoking:

    but anyway, to get an idea of how intense this will undoubtably be (as i KNOW i wont be able to resist the last 600 :) ), read this-

    so.. uhh.... wish me luck ;)
    ill probably be spending most of the time outside.. and will be coming down as the sun rises. but hey, i just might cook up some kind of insane and confusing drug induced rant to post before i leave.. if youre lucky. well, i dunno if 'lucky' is the right word :D

    ~killer on the road.. killer on the road.. his brain is squirming like a toad..
  2. ha ok have fun, i'm thinking about buying a sheet of acid, i'm only going to do a few hits and sell the rest, it will be my first time tripping for over a year, the last time it was a bad trip because i was all depressed i think. I hope i don't have a bad trip again.
  3. random purple nipples fruit the jalopy.
  4. ...and buy that sheet..

    and send me some :smoking: :smoking:
  5. i'm not sure if i should buy the sheet because it will probably take me a while to sell it off and i'll end up eating half of it. A sheet is 100 hits, i'm going to sell them for $5 a hit, ya think people will buy that?
  6. ahhhhh dude im tripping the fuck out. :smoking:

    *listening to doors concerts
  7. damn that's crazy. I'm about 289 lbs and I did 500mg of dxm and tripped like a madman. Don't die or anything dude.

  8. yes people will buy it. $5 is the going price of acid anyway, and if where you are is like any of the places i've lived, all of it will be gone in 2 days - tops. good luck!
  9. Overgrowray, you don't know how lucky you are to be able to get it. That could be moved in a matter of hours here and probably at $8-$10 a hit depending on who the buyer may be. Everyone I know is wanting to trip but all we can do is think about it because it just doesn't seem to exist.

    I SO wish I were you right now!!!!!!
  10. oooeerrrrrrr yer makin me jealous there phunkyassphil. hope you're enjoying or enjoyed your trip, talk about balls to ingest all that!! but hey, the more the merrier in this case?

    doors concerts are RATHER excellent to listen to while tripping, so are hendrix/zeppelin concerts.

    enjoy yourself!

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