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    My family and I are going on vacation soon and we're flying out of O'hare. I've been to O'hare before, and it was a nightmare. Husband and I were on our way back from our honeymoon, had a 2-hour layover that turned into a 5-hour layover, then we were told our flight was cancelled and had to stay overnight in Chicago with no luggage except a carry-on with phone chargers and snacks (everything else was checked).
    Anyway, if anyone has experience with travelling through O'hare, I'd appreciate it.
    Family and I are flying domestic on a Monday evening, around 6pm. I'm travelling with my twin, 12-year-old sister, and mom. They don't care about being prepared, and I have a feeling it's going to be a nightmare trying to get through the airport with them. I'm having myself an edible before we head into the airport, hopefully it kicks in AFTER we get through security, though I suppose we'll see.
  2. Whatever you can find on your devices. Unless you want to pay significantly more for stuff than it costs outside of the airport, take a 3ds, get an app for your phone, or a book. Much like the military, it's "hurry up and wait."

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  3. Though I will say Ohare TSA have been pompous assholes every single time I've gone there (I don't start trouble, just always seem to be at the checkpoint ran by someone with a 'power' problem)

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  4. So your 12 years old?

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  5. I didn't see it before but there is a comma in between twin and 12 year old sister lol
  6. I have never had any trouble with O'Hare. I fly in and out of there every summer. The problems start when there is bad weather anywhere. If one airport has bad weather, it screws up everyone's connecting flights.
  7. Ahh there is...lol I read " my twin 12 year old sister" I was like wait what?

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  8. When I was young, I spent a lot of time in O'Hare airport. It's freezing cold in Chicago so there's not much to
    do when you're 16 and it's -14 outside. We used to walk around the airport cause it's like a huge shopping mall and talk to strangers. Amazing how many people who are stranded in an airport like to talk to strange teenagers.

    That was way before video games, I pads, etc.
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  9. I'm 23, have a 23yo twin sister and a 12yo sister lol. I've heard that there are always issues with getting through TSA in a timely manner, which wouldn't be a problem if I was travelling alone or with my husband, but since I'm travelling with three people who may be considered reincarnations of the Pokey Little Puppy, I'm a little concerned haha.
  10. In case anyone ever comes back to this thread, the security line was HELLA long. But they sent us through without even checking any of our bags. The only issue was my sister's carry-on being packed full of booked, so the machine couldn't see through it. I had an edible once we got through the security check, and was high 30 minutes later, woohoo! The flight was awesome. O'Hare doesn't give a crap about edibles.

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