OH YES! the timless question.

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  1. Hello everyone, there is probably a thread somewhere that is almost the same but, because I'm a vane bastard I made another.

    So, I want to ask everyone a question. Bong, Blunt, Vaporizer, or Other. Each have unique qualities. For example a water bong being able to filter the smoke, or a vaporizer beasting the shit out of a shitty 30.
    But which do you think is best?

    Personally I prefer Bongs simply because they're unique clean (er- well not exactly true, unless were talking smoke) and the more "exotic" bongs can make a pretty fun smoke.

  2. gotta do the bong man
  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure I've seen the same thread at least once, probably more.

    Anyway, I like joints and pipes (both portable; joints are more social, pipe if you wanna conserve weed)
  4. I live in a house by myself so now I enjoy bong more. but I used to love blunts. still do
  5. Why is joint not an option?

    I know there is 'other' but i think it deserves it's own classification.
  6. If I was not so OCD about clean glass then I would pick the tubes, however for the convenience and the for the connection with the herb I have to pick a Spliffy Spliff.

    There is a connection I feel with rolling that I just don't feel while packing bowls.

  7. QFT! i prefer to roll cigars more than jay's tho.
  8. Pipe ftw should have it's own catergory, tastes better and you can get the weed smoke in quicker plus it's good for convenience.
  9. That's why they use spoons for competitions such as the Cannabis Cup. Nothing else preserves the flavor of the smoke as well as a clean glass spoon.

    I like them all except blunts though. There's a time and a place for bongs, vapes, joints, etc.
  10. Bong takes it for me. Blunts are a strong second, it's what I was raised on.
  11. Bong! Blunt wraps are terribly bad tobacco, and vapes I just don't enjoy very much.

    Blah... I'm a bitch about non-cooled smoke. :p
  12. I hope this doesn't sound stupid but is a spoon a slang word for pipe? I'm from Australia btw and I've never heard of a smoking device called a spoon.
  13. Vape ive never been higher off anything else it last a long time and nothing saves more bud then a vaporizer
  14. I dont limit myself on ways to get high, I like to hit different stuff, waterfalls, pipes, bongs, bubblers, vapes, joints, blunts...Its all good, gotta change things up a bit ya know? :smoking:
  15. A spoon is a type of a pipe, just like a dandelion is a type of a flower.



    is a spoon.
  16. I have to say blunt....

    Only because I just love rolling blunts
    but dont get me wrong I love a bong just as much, just burns through so much bud since the main bong i would smoke from is a 3 1/2 ft phx with perks, diffuser, ash catcher, and a huge bowl. It just eats bud and leaves you absolutely stoned to the point you cant move.

    But Id rather roll a fat g blunt and smoke it with my boy for an hour then burn an eighth in the bong in like 20 mins
  17. for me it would be a bong, nothing else compares. I have yet to try a vaporizer though
  18. I <3 my bubbler.

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